Pont des Arts Rive Droite & NSG 2 Bottle Set

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Wine style: Mix Set

Style: Dry

Grade: A.O.C.- France

Producer: Pont des Arts

Size: 750ml

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Bordeaux 'Rive Droite (2010)

The Wine:
You will find hints of black fruits such as blackberry and wild strawberries in this Rive Droite consisting of 90% old vines Merlot, as well as powerful dark chocolate, cocoa and spices. As you taste the wine, you will discover a perfect balance between power, elegance and infinity.

The Art:
18.12.59, 1959 - Oil on canvas – 162 x 130 cm – Private collection
1959 is the year of full abstract for Zao Wou-Ki. Beyond a strict representation of the world, objects and signs totally disappear while tempestuous huge masses confront each other. Little by little, a new style of painting emerges but palpable tensions still run through it.


Bourgogne Nuits Saint Georges (2011)

The Wine:
This "Réserve Spéciale” is a rare combination of many treasures from Burgundy. It delivers lovely aromas of cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant and as it matures, it will develop notes of leather, truffle, fur and game. This wine is powerful and elegant, fresh and full-bodied and lingers in the mouth with a delicious, well built and rounded aftertaste.

The Art:
Zao Wou-Ki, 13.03.2003, 2003 Oil on canvas – 97 x 195 cm – Private collection
This canvas, painted in 2003, is one of the most powerful works of this period. The background is a mixture of dark reds, ochres and ambers, on which a huge blue mass stands out, seeming to flash coloured lines. Both the strength and the tension of this volcanic composition offer an extremely intense vision of the inner worlds of the artist.