Domaine de Baronarques

Domaine de Baron'Arques (2010) 3+1 Bottle Present

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Country: France

Area: Languedoc-Roussillon / Languedoc

Grade: A.O.C.

Producer: Domaine de Baronarques

Size: 750ml


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The wine is a dark black ruby color with a youthful purple rim. It has a rich, ripe berry nose with attractive vanilla, chocolate and spice accents. On the palate it is smooth ripe and supple exhibiting a balanced acidity with core rich ripe fresh fruit backed by firm integrated tannins. Well crafted it comes together nicely on long lingering slightly heady finish. JKW08/13

9101817 Red

Climatic conditions and harvest:
2010 was rather wet, with 650 mm of rain during the year, and generally cool. Winter was cold and rainy, with an average temperature 1.5℃ lower than the average, and three snowfalls between January and March.
Budbreak occurred between 3 and 14 April, a week later than usual for the estate, in mild and dry weather.
Spring was wet and cool, with some snow on 4 May, through it did not affect the vagetation cycle. Despite these conditions, flowering took place normally between 2 and 24 June.
The summer was hot and dry but the vines were able to draw on plentiful reserves of water in the soil.
Veraison began on 31 July for the earliest Merlot and ended on 29 August for the Grenache.
Picking took place in fine weather, despite heavy rain on 10 October, which had no effect on the perfect condition of the crop.

Varietal mix:
80% Atlantic varieties: 51% Merlot, 23% Cabernet Franc, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Mediterranean varieties: 14% Syrah, 6% Malbec

25% new barrels
75% 1-to 3-year-old barrels

The wine's name also is a fusion of the best-known Bordeaux winemaker and its Languedoc partner.

It is a blend of six grapes-three that are common to the Mediterranean region and three famous grape varieties from Bordeaux-all grown on 70 acres of vines by the 40 producer/members of the well-known cooperative Vignerons du Sieur d'arques.

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