2011 March


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    2011 March





    We express our deepest sympathies for the victims affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the country on March 11. Pieroth has donated 4 Million Yen to support the relief efforts currently underway in Japan following the earthquake. This donation was done to the Japanese RED CROSS and will ensure that this donation of 4 Million Yens is used to address the most critical needs of people in the affected areas.

    In addition, we would like to thank the following producers who have contributed further to the support relief efforts.  Offers are still coming in and we hope to raise additional money with their kind support.

    Domaine de la Citadelle, Boizel, California Wine Classics, FVM, Boland, Fornas, Sichel, Leconfield Hamilton, Vin Mousseux, Heitz, Prince Mircea, Sienna,  Rothschild, Cuvee Brut, Grattamacco, Rauzan Segla, Provenza, Campagnola, Villa Terlina, Laurenz Five, Panamera, Diel, Schenck Swiss, Las Morras, Piedemonte, Riesling d'Alsace, Coriole, Chateau Vignelaure, Millaman, Artiga, Premier Wine Group, Toso, Vallformosa.



    Quotation of the Month

    “If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?”

                                                                                                                                                            Cardinal Richelieu


    Mas d'en GIL _Moon Calender

    Mas d'en GIL  Moon Calender

    Objective: Reconnecting people to nature

    After many years worried about the fact of the distance between the main population of the world and the nature, I was thinking about how could we try to reestablish a natural connection.  Living in big cities people forget about how much time a flower needs to bloom, how important it is that it rains - apart from being annoyed by the traffic jam – how important is the sun in summer for the maturation - instead of thinking about the air conditioner in their car and houses.

    The moon is for many people is just a round, white spot in the sky, something you can see from a city or from the countryside, you just need to see a piece of the sky in front of your eyes. Thanks to the moon we can create an interest for some people who wants to get closer to all this knowledge, but at least they will watch the moon and I hope they can start feeling closer to the nature than before. Many people are too far away from nature and the consequence is a lack of respect for the nature. Also my intention is trying to give the nature the importance and respect that it deserves in our society.


    Design and Size: "a handy-moon calendar"

    Regarding the design, we have tried to combine these two aspect: on one hand to be an "easy to read calendar" and on the other hand to be a "handy-moon calendar".

    On one hand the idea was to create a calendar easy to understand and to read. The published "moon book calendars", coming from France but nowadays also published in Spanish, and other languages are mainly focused in the "jardiniere" for those who want to have their vegetable gardens. These books have a long tradition in France, almost 50 years, and for those who are not familiar with them it seems very complicate to understand. Some people are afraid whether or not they can understand correctly the way and this calendar really requires that people read and study before starting to be able to read the information they provide. So the objective was to create a moon calendar that could be read or understood in a very easy way, without having a big knowledge about the moon, but as first stage to get into this issue.  This is why we have created a simple design, with a clean graphic design that allows you to identify first of all the moon and after some small spots over each day that represent the four elements.


    On the other hand, the idea of creating a "handy-moon calendar" was born after many year of carrying the moon calendar in my "hand-bag", in the vineyards, on my trips, in tastings, wherever I was it was always with me. The idea was to be able to have the calendar always with me but in a smaller size than a book, so we designed this size for the wallet or pocket.  If people use it, you become more sensitive to this aspect, so the aspect of being something easy to have on was very important.


    Ms. Marta Rovira, owner of Mas d’en Gil

    The Calendar / some basic theory

    Bio-dynamics consider that the nature is based on IMPULSE. So depending on the position of the MOON, PLANETS and CONSTELLATIONS relative to the earth we are going to have a different IMPULSE that Influences the whole system.

    According to plants, depending on the impulse it will tell us which part of the plant that is going to develop.

    The moon and the sun (rhythm synodic); this is the movement of the moon relative to the earth and the sun. It takes 29.5 days from a full moon to the next full moon.

    The moon and the constellations (rhythm sidereal); the constellations are groups of stars that are fixed in the sky. The sun, planets, moon are moving around them; the sun moves very slowly around the constellations, so we almost consider as a fix element (It takes more than thousands of years to move from one constellation to the next one).  The planets move around the sun.   The movement of the moon relative to the zodiacal constellations is called rhythm sidereal and it takes 27.3 days. During these 27.3 days the moon passes in front of the 12 constellations. This means for example that it takes 27.3 days from the moment that the moon starts passing in front of LEO until next time it starts passing in front of LEO.

    (remember the constellations are fixed in the sky )The 12 constellations are in French














    These 12 constellations can be associated in the 4 elements:






    Depending on the constellation the part of the plant which is developing

    better are the ROOT (=earth), the Leaf(water), the FLOWER (air) or the

    Fruit (fire).


    Regarding wine tasting, the days that wines are more expressive are the

    FLOWER and FRUIT days. On ROOT days wines are more earthy and closed. On

    LEAVE days wines show more the vegetal side. My favourite days for tasting are FLOWER days, wines show themselves very elegant in the nose and in the palate.


    I invite people to taste wines and after look at the calendar, so they will be able to understand the influence and the difference between the different days. Tasting wine is an intellectual and individual experience, like reading a book. Everyone is going to read a different meaning of the history and will have an individual and unique experience but at the same time it is very interesting to share this experience with others that also read the same book. Sharing will complete the history and will give us more perspective to approach the intention of the author, expressing the terroir.

    For additional stories on the same subject please click here.





    New Winemaking Consultant

    Starting on December 2010, Millaman’s chief winemaker is working closely with Stefano Gandolini; one of the most prestiged Chilean winemakers.

    This exclusive team is preparing several novelties for 2011 and 2012; increasing quality and differentiation in the search of excellence that has always characterized us.

    Renewed Web Site

    We have renovated our Web Site, to make it more interactive. We invite you to check out our virtual tour in “About Us” tag, where you can feel walking around our cellar and surroundings. www.millaman.cl

    New Wine: Malbec

    The first novelty from the hand of Stefano and Alexis is an “Ultra Premium” range. We will start with a Malbec from Curico, from a vineyard planted in 1939. During the year we will be informing about the other two wines that will complement this amazing Malbec.


    Millaman has opened a Twitter account, to share novelties, news, responding questions to increase and be closer to our friends through the Millaman family. Search us under @MillamanWines!

    Millaman:Carbon Friendly

    In our efforts to be more Eco Friendly, we have been reducing the glass levels of our bottles; we started with the Condor Range in 2009, but we are now using them in our upper ranges Estate Reserve and Limited Reserve. Millaman is always present in the crusade for a better world, reducing the carbon footprint.


    Wine of the Month!

    A girl’s best friend - Diadema
    Diadema produced a version of their bottle using real diamonds in place of the Swarovski crystals they normally use. The price tag is around 2.3 million yen for the magnum of Tuscan IGT or 1.84 million yen for a 750ml.  Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend but you may want to stick with Swarovski crystal, 750 ml version a snip at 12,600 yen





    Wine & Food -Panamera red and Italian Kinpira

    This month my focus is on Panamera Red.  A former employee of the late
    Robert Mondavi set up a project called TXB(Thanks Bob)and they make this
    wine and market it.  The great work and  accomplishments of Mr. Robert
    Mondavi inspired them giving impressive results.








    Various varieties are blended in Panamera red and the grapes are blessed by
    the California sunshine.  The wine shows the fruity character coming from
    ripe grapes.  There is also a pleasant acidity which balances this wine with
    such ripe fruit beautifully.  The wine is easy to match with cuisine due to
    this balanced acidity.

    Italian Kinpira Receipe
    Burdock(Preferably New burdock which comes out in Spring)
    Minced Onion
    Olive oil

    Stir fry minced garlic in a generous amount of olive oil.  After a nice
    aroma comes out add burdock and stir fry for a couple of minutes until it
    gets crispy.  Add thinly sliced bacon and keep stir frying for two minutes
    or so.  Sprinkle Shichimi spice and serve.

    Burdock is an ingredient which goes well with red wine.  The addition of
    bacon and garlic helps consummate a better marriage.  If you use new
    burdock(Shingobo) its sweetness and the fruits of wines match very well and
    it becomes an even better combination versus regular burdock.  Roots
    vegetables have detox effect, so please try the combination of this wine and
    the dish before real Spring arrives.  We need to get rid of all the toxicity
    accumulated in our body during winter to welcome lovely Spring!

    Text by Mami Whelehan


    New Products and Vintages

    Pieroth's Spring Collection 2011 (OCO)

    Have you received this offer by mail? It introduces a very attractive and special range of wines, one time deals and limited offers all accompanied by a special free gift. If you would like to receive a copy of this offer please e-mail us your name and address to ips@pieroth.jp for details.
    As always the Pieroth's Spring Collection 2011 (OCO) brings you selection of unique items and value. 

     We are particularly proud to present a range of Mondavi wines.  The vineyard of M Mondavi for example was originally founded and created to produce Opus 1.  

    The grapes in fact accounted for 10% of the production of OPUS from its conception in 1997 until recently when Mr Mondavi, who actually owned the vineyard decided to create his own wine. 

    In addition, if  you purchase 3 bottles of OCO ⑭ 9867763 2006 M by Michael Mondavi, they will be sent to you in the following box.

    Also from the USA we present one of the most popular brands "Menage a Trois". 

    From Spain we provide a very special winery whose wine maker used to work for Haut Brion that is going to be even more famous in the future as it will become a Pago this summer.  

     While from France we bring you an unusual sparkling fruity red wine, "Rouge Gamay" and a Le Page from Vignealure, whose label is designed by Yves Saint Laurent. 



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     Our old customer offers such as the one we have sent out now are designed to offer you special wines and sets. In some cases sets are limited and sell out in a day or two.  
    So to give you an equal opportunity for these limited offers we will send out an advance notice to people registered under OCO old customer list so everyone receives the offer at the same time.

    We currently provide 4 special offers by mail to our customers.  However those
    registered under OCO will also receive advance notice of some other additional offers available only through their sales consultant.

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    Personalized Wine Label

    Original wine labels are printed in full color and can include text and


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    Original label

    You will be sent a proof of the label design for approval prior to printing.


    The best Custom Fit Label of the month



    Mr. O
    The best original label of the month

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    Pieroth Japan is running a “Lucky Friend Campaign”.

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