2011 August


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    2011 August

    Quotation of the Month

    “When you ask one friend to dine, Give him your best wine! When you ask two, The second best will do!”

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Zodiac of the Month-Leo, Virgo



    July, 23 – August, 22



    I am



    Love triumphs over all for this sign, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Charismatic and positive-thinking, they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life's stormy times with style and good humour.


    Once a Lion is committed to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful. Should their heart or trust be broken they never forgive or forget.

    Leos are trendsetters, leaders and adventurers. Their weakness is their pride. This is one sign where the saying "flattery will get you everything" applies, but be warned criticism will slam the relationship door right in your face.


    When it comes to wine, Leos are fishing for compliments. They like to affect know-how through investment. For sure, there are also sophisticated wine gourmets among Lions, who know that a good wine doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.

    Leos are collectors. You will always find quite a few boxes saying “Château” in their cellar, they like to show, but save for special occasions.


    Wine recommendation


    Pinot Noir







    Famous Leos

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Fidel Castro

    Jennifer Lopez




    August, 23 – September 22



    Do the right thing



    Many Virgos can be found working in the "service to others" industries, ranging from welfare work, doctors, school-teachers through to practising natural forms of healing like massage, herbal remedies etc. One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them; they still manage to maintain faith in others, refusing to become cynical. There is ingenuity around this sign, a kind-heartedness, which unfortunately is sometimes played upon by others for their advantage.


    Shy, Virgos are happy to allow others to take centre-stage and often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful.

    They are givers and when the chips are down and you need advice or companionship, the one available is most likely a Virgo.

    Because they are so deep and reflective themselves, they understand human frailties better than most.


    When it comes to wine, Virgos like the unusual. They enjoy difference and are open for new things. They always know everything about the latest trends. This attribute is appreciated by all of their friends. If you want to know which wine fits to you, you should definitely ask a Virgo he/she will know what kind of wine you will like most.


    Wine recommendation

    Pinot Gris



    ...high expectations

    ...sometimes inaccessible

    ...great mutability


    Famous Virgos

    Salma Hayek

    Keanu Reeves

    Beyonce Knowles



    Champagne harvest 2011 is one of the earliest on record

    This year sees one of the earliest harvests on record taking place in Champagne where harvest was permitted from the 19th of August almost matching the 2003 vintage which started a day earlier.  Almost the entire harvest is forecast to be picked by the 25th of August.  In fact you need to go back to 1822 to find a harvest that was harvested so early.
    Elsewhere in Europe the harvest is starting.
    Above grapes being harvested at Tolloy Winery.


    The hallmark of the 2010 vintage in Germany. "Weinstein or Winestones"

    “Extremely low yields, ripe grapes and high acidity are the hallmarks of the best of 2010's Riesling crop in Germany.” is how the Wine Spectator described this potentially great vintage.

    Every year, climate and weather influence the grape ripening process and the acidity composition of each wine. Due to the massive rains in August, only very little of the fruit’s own wine acidity was consumed by respiration of the vine during the 2010 grape ripening. The excess of this fruit acidity usually deposits itself, as tartar during the young wine’s barrel storage.

    However, 2010 had an additional crystalline surprise in store. Due to the weather conditions in 2010, a lot of calcium was stored in the grapes. This excess calcium reacts very slowly with the fruit’s wine acidity. This is why tartar sedimentation (also known as Weinstein in German)may still occur even after bottling. The crystalline deposit develops due to the wine’s harmonisation process in the bottle.   Needless to say this natural process will not affect the impeccable quality of these wines from the 2010 vintage.  If you come across one with some tartrates simply give the wine some time to rest after opening, or pour it using a decanting basket, just as you would do for an older wine. This way, the fine white crystals can sink down to the bottom of the bottle, and you can enjoy the wine.


    Japan Wine Challenge 2011 Tasting was held from July 26 to July 28th at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo. Mr. J.K. Whelehan, the Senior Marketing Director of Pieroth Japan, participated the tasting for all the three days as one of the judges.

    Among our entries, the following wines have received medals.

    Gold Medal Winner

    2009 Toso Alta Reserve Malbec

    2008 Las Moras Black Label Malbec

    Silver Medal Winners

    2006 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

    2006 Heitz Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon 

    2010 Las Moras Reserve Chardonnay

    Las Moras Sparkling Shiraz-Viognier

    Las Moras Sparkling Viognier-Shiraz

    Bronze Medal Winners

    2007 Chateau Clarke


    The awards ceremony was held on Friday July 29th and reception was followed at Grand Hyatt Tokyo at night. Occasion provided a great opportunity to congratulate one another and deepen exchanges with other participants and the judges.

    As has happened in the past, Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado attended the ceremony and congratulated the winners in person with a warm smile.

    Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado


    Please meet the judges who seemed relaxed after finishing their intense days.

    Co-Chairmen Ms. Lynn Sherrif (Left)& Mr. Steven Spurrier(Right)


    Vice Chairs Mr. Andrew Caillard(Left)& Mr. David Wrigley(Right)


    Vice Chair/The Tasting Panel Magazine Editor-in-Chief Mr. Anthony Dias Blue (Left)

    Judge/Pieroth Japan Marketing DIrector Mr. J.K. Whelehan (Center)

    Jdge/Co-Chairmen o International Sake Challenge and the wine correspondent of Independent, contributor to Decanter Magazine, and a teacher at Leiths School of Food & Wine and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Mr. Anthony Rose


    Vice Chair Mr. Michel Bettane


    Ms. Fumiko Arisaka, the Founder of Vinotheque Magazine & Wine Journalist, was also at the scene as the Judge Team Leader.



    Leconfield Wines is proudly celebrating a Trophy win on the eagerly awaited release of the 2010 Merlot.
    The 2010 vintage has been awarded Tattersall's Wine Club Trophy for"Best Merlot in Class", at the 2011 Royal Brisbane Wine Show, complementing the 2008 vintage "Best in Class" Trophy at the 2009 International Wine and Spirit Competition.
    The award marks another strong release for Leconfield, taking its tally to over 100 medals in the past decade.



    Heitz Wine Cellars 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon won "The Sante Gold Star Award"

    This award recognizes food, wine and spirits products of exceptional merit as chosen by restaurant professional reviewers.



    Château Rauzan Ségla that celebrated its 350th anniversary this year has announced a memorable 2009 vintage label designed by Karl Lagerfeld. On the label it shows a colored and creative picture of the chateau, which is a perfect design for the 2009 vintage.

    We are already excited by the anticipation of its release!

    Please visit below “Shot Magazine” which is a web based publication as it introduces the dinner party held at the chateau last month.






    Opus One Tokyo Office opened in June 2011 and CEO David Pearson visited Japan. During this occasion, Wineway’s marketing director Mami Whelehan interviewed him. The interview is introduced below in the “Shot Magazine” web magazine. http://www.shotmagazine.jp/faces/opusone/



    The celebration to commemorate Mr. Shinya Tasaki’s Medal with Yellow Ribbon was held on August 1st and over 1000 types of wines were served.

    Congratulations Mr. Tasaki!

    Among these wines, our Furst Von Metternich and our Panamera Red and White were listed and was enjoyed by the guests.

    Left Photo:From Left to Right, Vinoteque Japanese Sake Buying Guide Commentator Mr. Eisuke Iida & Satoshi Kimijima, Sake Samurai Ms. Toshie Hiraide, Forster Japan Mr. Koji Morosawa

    Right Photo:From Left to Right, Vinoteque Senior Editor Ms. Tomoko Ebisawa, Bistro Mille Printemps General Manager Mr. Tekemi Gomi

    Among these wines, our Furst Von Metternich was listed and was enjoyed by the guests.

    Left Photo: Mr. Shinya Tasaki

    Congratulations Mr. Tasaki!


    Winery of the Month

    Louis Max "Coming in September"


    Louis Max  
    Louis Max, of Russian origin, founded his House of Burgundy wines in Nuits-Saint-Georges in 1859.
    A person with a very developed sense of commerce who travelled widely, he also acquired over the years, an important experience of winemaking. It is especially with the restructuring of the vineyards, during the first half of the 20th century, that the House commenced a vigorous policy in the selection of grapes of only the highest quality from the various appellations, that it vinified and matured adding to them the guarantee of its signature, its Brand.
    The House has always retained a family structure and today, a motivated team, has allowed the brand to develop notoriety throughout France and the five continents. The export team constantly visits the four corners of the globe as an Ambassador For “Bourgogne” of excellence and refinement.
    This motivation and passion for great wines, handed down from generation to generation, has made the reputation of the House and amplified sales in four major markets; namely, export sales, airlines, reputed hotels and restaurants as well as direct-customer sales.
    To achieve this level, the House of Louis Max has not hesitated to dote it self with all the means for success. Firstly, in addition to its activity as a Negociant-Eleveur, the House owns or operates over 165 Ha: 27ha in Mercurey, 18ha in the Côte de Nuits and 120ha in the Corbières with an organic agriculture certified by the Ecocert Label.
    Furthermore, from a technical aspect, the House has invested in a modern vat house and has developed its own technology for hand sorting of the grapes with separate vinification by allotment, according to the vineyard and vintage, as well as the fermentation and maturing of the wines in variable sized aluminium tanks or in oak barrels. It is with these painstaking efforts that each wine is able to develop its individual character and specific typicity.
    The Vineyards
    An estate of 27 ha “Domaine La Marche” in Mercurey with the appellations of Mercurey Premier Cru Les Vasées, Mercurey Clos du Chapitre, Mercurey Blanc Les Rochelles as well as the famous monopole of Mercurey Clos La Marche.
    Long-term contacts with winegrowers, totalling some 45 ha meticulously chosen in the best appellations of Chablis and in the heart of wine-growing Burgundy the Côte-ďOr.
    In the Côte de Nuits: Clos-de-Vougeot, Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Chaignots, Gevrey Chambertin and the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits. In the Côtes de Beaune: Puligny-Montrachet Les Champs Gains, Volnay Clos des Chênes, Savigny Les Vergelesses.
    The Cellars
    Following fermentation, the wines are placed in oak barrels in the cellars dating back to the XⅧ century. The natural exceptional conditions in these cellars allow the wines to mature gradually devoid of any vibrations or changes in temperature. Here again, the House of Louis Max has been able to dote itself with all of the necessary means to allow for the ageing of each individual appellation within some 750 oak barrels, each with a capacity of 228 litres, and where every year 30% are replaced with new barrels.
    The Quality
    Louis Max places great importance on the distinctive characteristics of each appellation allowing for each wine to express its individual personality.
    To achieve this the House carries out; green-harvesting if necessary, limited quantity harvesting, hand sorting of the grapes at the press-house, soft pressing of the grapes along with vinification methods adapted to each parcel of each vineyard.
    Throughout the long ageing process, the cellar-master regularly tastes and analyses each wine to verify the evolution of the maturing process before these are finally bottled in Nuits-Saint-Georges.
    It is the concern for detail and innovation coupled with the search for perfection that has made the reputation of the House. Today, Louis Max wines are chosen by reputed wine-waiters, restaurateurs, fine wine and delicatessen shops as well as many demanding individuals throughout the world. Furthermore, Louis Max supplies several major airlines and cruise ships.
    A few words from our Winemaker…
    “The plants belong to nature, just like the vine and the grape grow in harmony with the soils and climatic conditions.
    Chardonnay, Pinot Noir as well as Aligoté are the grape varieties best adapted to the soils and the climate in Burgundy.
    They give high-class white and red wines. Each grape variety is characterized by flavours either of vegetable origin (fruity or floral), or of “animal” origin:
    Pinot Noir: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, currant, violet, leather, chive…
    Chardonnay: pear, peach, fruits exotic, citrus fruits, lime, acacia, elder tree…
    According to the years and the climatic conditions, nature varies the intensity of the flavours and the structure of the grape. Therefore year on year the wines will vary in their fruity or floral flavours (concentrated or “diluted”).
    The “rule” at Louis Max is to preserve the authenticity of each year’s vintage and thus to respect the decision of nature. By empowering the role of the vine growers and winemakers, we seek a delicate oak integration to support the fresh fruit flavours. At the last stages, we direct our work on the tannins, according to the acidity and the degree of alcohol so as to reach a balance which will make our wines round, flexible and silky.”
    Douby PERRIN, Winemaker at Louis Max.
    Mrs. Douby Perrin

    Wine & Food -

    Although it may seem easy to find wines that match with edamame, it is actually very difficult. Every year I have been looking for wines that match with edamame and in particular from last year I have focused on it seriously. 

    Luckily every year in August, a friend of mine sends me Kurosaki Chamame from Niigata. It is always very good but it was particularly sweet and delicious this year. I ate up 6 bags in 2 and half days with my family!


    As I felt this year’s sweetness of the bean with my tongue, I instantly thought that it would match with Furst Von Metternich! So I immediately tried and it was exactly on the button and a truly happy moment.


    Basically, the sweetness of the edamame and the sugar level of the wine should match. The sugar level of Furst Von Metternich did not cover the flavor and sweetness of this year’s Chamame. And I was able to savor both its flavor and sweetness even when matched with the wine.

    Chamame’s harvest is also dependent on the weather and as the flavor depends on the year, I think it was really an once-in-a-lifetime encounter. I will definitely try whether Chamame will match with Furst next year as well, if it is sent to me from my friend.

    In addition, after you boil Kurosaki Chamame you must cool it down by an electric fan or by waving a fan. As I don’t have an electric fan at home, I had to wave my fan to cool it down and at the end I was covered in sweat. I tasted it right after, and I felt the strong sweetness. Apparently, farmers normally cool it down in the refrigerator for one night to evaluate and judge the quality. On the product description, it was written, “When Chamame and salt and time are combined, you can enjoy a special taste with even a rounder and richer taste.” Obviously, I could not wait till the next day (smile)...

    Text by Mami Whelehan


    Winner of OCO Sign-up campain

    Winner of Domaine de Baron'Arques in the OCO Sign-up Campaign!

    Congratulations Ms. O.A!

    Personalized Wine Label

    Original wine labels are printed in full color and can include text and photographs, for as few as 6 bottles. If you are interested in a personal label, please contact   ips@pieroth.jp for details.


    Original label
     You will be sent a proof of the label design for approval prior to printing.

    The best Custom Fit Label of the month

    Suzuki Hospital


    The best original label of the month!
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