2011 September


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    2011 September

    Quotation of the Month

    Daniel Rogov’s   Wine and food critique

    ‘Wine and food to me are not simply things that enter our body. They are a reflection of our anthropology, history, psychology, social needs and of course, pleasure.’

    Zodiac of the Month-Libra



    September 23 – October, 22



    To be consistent



    Love and love-lost makes a big difference to the Libran although their often happy-go-lucky appearance against all kinds of odds may not reveal this as fact.

    Librans can switch off from the world around then and during these periods much more occurs on the deep innermost levels of the Libran's psyche, than their closest companions imagine. They can escape into obscure role playing - and often this makes them extremely successful business people. Their charm can win jobs and provides powerful friends. But in both work and play, looking for peace and harmony, Librans often say "yes" when they should be saying "no".


    It is a sad fact about many Libran's personal or business lives to say - many would have faired far better had they remained alone! You'll find them living in some exotic, distant beautiful place, looking wonderful, sipping cocktails and finding life to be the total paradise they knew it could be. What Librans always have to remember, is they should hold out until their dreams do come true - not simply take whatever is offered.


    Librans are wine gourmets for life. When it comes to discussions at a wine tasting, they are appreciated for their great wine knowledge and their word carries authority to settle the dispute. Also their choice which wine should be served for dinner is accepted and honoured by all guests.


    Wine recommendation

    Pinot Noir



    ...great attractiveness after adolescence

    ...fascinating charmer

    ...highly balanced


    Famous Leos

    Brigitte Bardot

    Buster Keaton

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Oscar Wilde


    A Chateau Palmer Special Event was held!


    At “2011 World Wine Festival in Tokyo Midtown” which was held from September 16th(Fri)~ September 25th(Sun), a Chateau Palmer Special Seminar was held on the opening day. During this event, Mr. Bernard de Laage de Meux, Director of Marketing and Public Relations lectured on ‘08/’01 Alter Ego and ‘06/’98 Chateau Palmer.



    Château Canon buys Château Matras


    Chateau Canon has expanded its vineyard with the recent purchase of 12.5 hectares of vines of Chateau Matras. Located below the clay and limestone plateau of St. Emilion, Matras has a terroir of sand and clay and is surrounded by Chateau Angelus on the west and Chateau Tertre-Daugay (recently purchase by Haut-Brion) on the east.


    With the acquisition of the Matras vines, we will have greater focus on the production of the second wine, Clos Canon, and will use the original 22hectares of Chateau Canon to produce the Grand Vin. The homogenous terroir of Canon along with the considerable efforts made since 1996 in the restructuring of the vineyard encourages us to believe in the possibility to produce great wines that will age well. It is with this same attention and care that our technical team at Canon works everyday in the vineyard of Chateau Matras. And, as with Canon, further investments will be made in the coming months with renovations in the vatroom and technical buildings of Matras. 



    Pascual Toso Alta Reserve Malbec 2008 won bronze medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 




    Whitehaven Pinot Noir 2010 and Pinot Gris 2009 won Gold, and Chardonnay 09 and Gewurztraminer 09 won Silver in the Marlborough Wine Show.


    You can see a musicvideo of Chateau Vignelaure on Youtube!




    Domaine Bertagna received some great marks as below!

    Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2012:

    Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 2009 - 96/100

    Corton Les Grandes Lolieres Grand Cru 2009 - 95/100

    Vougeot Premier Cru Clos de la Perriere 2009 - 94/100

    Vougeot Premier Cru Les Cras rouge 2009 - 92/100

    Restaurant Wine Magazine:

    Vougeot Les Petits Vougeots 2008 - 4 stars +

    Vougeot Premier Cru Clos de la Perriere 2008 - 5 stars"

    Clos Saint-Denis Grand Cru 2008 - 5 stars


    Artiga Fustel won the following awards in the AWC Vienna 2011!

    Artiga Garnacha 2010 Silver Medal

    Perla del Mar 2010 Silver Medal

    Perla Negra 2010 Silver Medal


    Artiga Garnacha 2010 also won Silver Medal in the Mudus Vini der Grosse Internationale Weinpreis 2011


    Perla del Mar also won a prize in the seventh year New Wave Spanish Wine Awards.


    Winery of the Month

    Pieroth & Chapoutier


    Michel Chapoutier


    Founded in 1808 it was only when Michel Chapoutier  assumed the role of w ine maker, that overnight it heralde d a paradigm shift in the philosophy and direction which the company would adopt to revitalise the fortunes of the winery. Michels’ goal was; as it still is “Authenticity”. A visonary, he focused on the respecting the intrinsic value of the legendary soils which fashion the slopes of the Rhone valley. His conspicuous efforts to raise the level of quality have driven him to undertake extensive geological re search in order to fully understand and exploit the exceptional properties of these legendary terroirs highlighting his belief “Great wines are made in the vineyards and not in the cellar”.


    Wines are cultivated in accordance with Biodynamic farming practice  and Michel  Chapoutiers’ “savoir faire”, the estate distinguishes itself by the concent ration, suppleness and balance which the wines extol. The silky tannins and long finish guarantee immense satisfact ion when drinking now or wonderful promise for those who prefer a mor e mature style. The rave reviews in the media have now cemented the legendary status of these wines. 



    Tra dition: experts in wine for over 300 years

    On the other hand the history of the Pieroth family can be traced back to the year 1675. They have been known as vintners since 1705. The company’s head office is still located in their home town of Burg Layen. Over the last 300 years, however, a family wine- growing estate has become a global corporation.        


    Wine & Food -

    Pork belly boiled in tea with red Japanese pepper (akasansho)

    I found red Japanese pepper from Kyoto at Queen’s Isetan the other day. This undergoes a strict selection process; only those red ones with a sign of full maturity are entitled to be ground. I was fascinated by its very perfumed aroma. As I love Japanese pepper, my challenging spirit welled up to do a matching with this red Japanese pepper (smile).



    And what I came up with was pork belly boiled in tea with Japanese pepper + Lambrusco. This sparkling red would be a perfect answer for the indecisive who wants both; a fruity red that suits the late summer mood and a cold sparkling that moisturize the dry throat generously. Corte del Borgo Lambrusco Rosso has residual sugar but as it has the tannin common in red wine, it has a fresh aftertaste. 





    A good pork belly has a lot of sweetness coming from fat and matches very well with the fruits of the wine. The contrast between the sweetness of the wine and the spicy taste of the red Japanese pepper shows an interesting contrast in the mouth. The aroma of the tea also goes through the nose and a harmony of a very complex flavor and aroma is born from this marriage. In addition, the refreshing bubbles smoothes the spicy flavor of the red Japanese pepper.  

    Let’s energetically get through the late summer heat with Lambrusco and red Japanese pepper!! 



    Pork belly 500g

    Green tea and black tea


    Red Japanese pepper

    Put the pork back belly in 500g of water (just enough to cover the meat) and about 5 tablespoons of tea leaves (anything besides flavor tea such as green tea, black tea and Chinese tea). Cook for about 7 minutes if using a pressure cooker and cool it down. If not cooked using a pressure cooker, cook for about 30 ~ 40 minutes until the meat is soft. Cool it down and slice. Add a good pinch of salt to the sliced meat and cook it on a frying pan until it is crisp. Put it on a plate and add red Japanese pepper to sprinkle it as appropriate.

    Text by Mami Whelehan

    OCO Information

    Movie ”Spy Kids 4D: World Time Mission” and Aroma Label Wine

    Movie “Spy Kids 4D: World Time Mission” being released on September 17th (Sat) is a participative adventure movie that adds “scents” to 3D!

    Viewers are given a “4D mission card”(limited to one million guests) which is a scratch-and-sniff card with circles numbered 1 to 8. When a number appears on screen, they rub the corresponding circle on their cards, which give off a whiff matching what the characters are smelling. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

    An unique wine like this will also show up in our “2011 Pieroth Autumn Collection Catalogue” (OCO)! The front label of the wine will have a first aroma and when you rub the back label it gives off a second aroma. We are once again offering a quiz to answer what this second aroma is so please try and test your sense of smell!

    Personalized Wine Label

    Original wine labels are printed in full color and can include text and photographs, for as few as 6 bottles. If you are interested in a personal label, please contact   ips@pieroth.jp for details.


    Original label
     You will be sent a proof of the label design for approval prior to printing.

    The best Custom Fit Label of the month

    Mr. T


    The best original label of the month!
     Lucky Friend Campaign!   
    Free 2 bottles of wine for both of you and your friend!

    Pieroth Japan is running a “Lucky Friend Campaign”.

    Simply, any old customer who introduces a new customer to Pieroth Japan will receive free a 2-bottle Primavera Sparkling set for a limited time only, while the customer they introduce will also receive free a 2-bottle Primavera Sparkling set with their 1st order. Certain restrictions apply so please E-mail at ips@pieroth.jp


    If you are not a customer yet and would like to receive the 2-bottle set free with your first order. Send us an e-mail at ips@pieroth.jp and we will introduce you to your local wine consultant so that he can advise you. So act now and take advantage of this great offer.


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