March 2015


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    March 2015

     Pieroth Newsletter March 2015

     Quotation of the Month
     Pieroth's Spring Collection 2015 Sales Started!
    Pieroth's Spring Collection 2015 kicked off. Celebrating the birth anniversary of Bach 330 years violin shaped bottles and other catalogue-only products are featured in this brand new catalogue. Stocks are limited. Hurry up!
    Please click the below photo to see the products.
    Initially free gifts for this catalogue was plates with grape drawing, however, we are offering 1 bottle of Kellerschoppen instead. We apologoze for the inconvinience.
     April 17th is the Malbec World Day
    Malbec was first introduced to Mendoza, Argentina in 1853. In order to enhance the wine industry, they passed the law to officially introduce Malbec grapes on April 17th, 1853.
    We have various Argentinean Malbec wines. Taste the grape that brought a revolutionery change in Argentina. Join the celebration with your glass!
    Click here to see our Malbec products.
     Ohanami Sets are on Sale
    Have you got your wines for the cherry blossom viewing party yet?
    ★2 kinds of rose from Bertrand. 6 bottle set available at 25,00 yen, 15% discount from the regular price. Click here to see the details.
    ★Piccolo Sparkling with Beaks. Best wines for outdoor activities.
    Furst Von Metternich Piccolo 6 Bottle Set 6,242 yen. Clieck here to see the details.
     World Wine Bar by Pieroth Kagurazaka Opened on March 28th!
    We are very fortunate to be able to open our 9th World Wine Bar by Pieroth in Kagurazaka.
    Come enjoy our great selection of wines!
    World Wine Bar by Kagurazaka Shop Information
    Samuraido Bldg 1F&2F, 3-6 Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825
    Tel: 03-6280-7631 Fax: 03-6280-7632
     Winery of the Month
    Flechas de los Andes
    The winery (or bodega) called FLECHAS DE LOS ANDES was born from the partnership between Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and Laurent Dassault, as the result of their research of a great terroir at the foot of the Andes in the Mendoza region. The name "Flechas de los Andes" or "Andes arrows» refers to the 5 arrows, symbol of the Rothschild family (symbolizing the five brothers at the origin of this dynasty of entrepreneurs). Both families Rothschild and Dassault are aiming to produce a wine of excellence. Built in 2003 and operational since the 2004 harvest, cellar Flechas de los Andes is a synthesis of all knowledge gained by experience of both partners in Bordeaux (Château Clarke and Château Dassault). Each harvest is handpicked, hand selected, and then fermented with high quality requirements in the most modern equipment. 
    To learn more, click here. 
     Lucky Friend Campaign!   
    Free 2 bottles of wine for both of you and your friend!
    Pieroth Japan is running a “Lucky Friend Campaign”.

    Simply, any old customer who introduces a new customer to Pieroth Japan will receive free 2 bottles of wine  for a limited time only, while the customer they introduce will also receive free a 2-bottle free winewith their 1st order. Certain restrictions apply so please E-mail at

    If you are not a customer yet and would like to receive the 2-bottle set free with your first order. Send us an e-mail at and we will introduce you to your local wine consultant so that he can advise you. So act now and take advantage of this great offer.

     Zodiac Sign of the Month
    March, 21 – April, 20
    I can
    Arians love freedom, and they will accept any challenge. The Aries will get impatient if its ideas do not work out immediately and as expected. Arians are unwilling to follow someone else's suggestions, especially if they do not make sense to them. They often have excess energy which can make them aggressive. Arians are brave leaders who express care and concern for all they lead. However, an Arian as a follower is rare, and can be troublesome. Because the Aries is open and honest, it will make energetic and generous friends. Arians have trouble compromising which can lead to problems in otherwise smooth friendships.Arians are extremely friendly and charming. They get bored very soon in their affairs because they also prefer intelligent and versatile partners. The opposite sex finds the Aries fascinating because of its beauty consciousness and adventurous nature.
    Wine recommendation
    Famous Pisceans
    Aretha Franklin
    Elton John
    Eric Clapton
    Thomas Jefferson
    Mariah Carey 
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