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Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 - Vineyard situation!

by Pieroth Japan

Beaujolais News 2019 (2019/7/2 )

A very hot beginning for the Summer

Climate: The last 2 weeks have been extremely hot in France with some records of temperatures. If in some southern areas in France the vines are already suffering, we have been lucky. A couple of small rain falls brought just enough water to assure a perfect growth.The vines:They enjoy the full power of the sun and the dry weather protect us from the major diseases. Even if the night temperatures
remain high and do not permit some rest. So far the grapes are just bathing in the sun and all signs are great for evolution in the
vineyards. We just hope that we will not be affected by hail – our biggest fear at the moment.

Work in the vineyards: Our growers have to adapt their rhythm to the high day’s temperatures. They start very early before sunrise and stop mid of the morning – to come back late afternoon and work until night. Sanitary situation is excellent so treatments are not necessary, work is mainly in the soil to optimize the small rainfalls and trellising for the leaves. All signs so far are here for very good vintage. We are optimistic regarding the quality of the grapes – of course it is still early in the season but we are confident in the results. If we are protected from hail, we look forward to a great vintage.

<Vineyard in perfect condition>  <The grapes are growing nicely>


Beaujolais News  2019 (2019/7/22 )

An exceptionally hot Summer again

Climate: After a very hot month of June – we had some lower temperatures beginning of July. So the vineyards had some rest and could recover. The high temperatures are back again with picks at 40 and 42° C (100 to 108 Farenheit). If vineyards are not suffering at the moment – we will need some cooler nights and some rain in order to maintain the growth. No rain forecasted in the coming days.

The vines:The “veraison” (berries turning from green to red) has not yet started. Grapes are a little behind compared to last year. This is partially due to the very hot weather. It should start very soon in the areas where we produce the Beaujolais Nouveau – and followed one week later by the rest of the region. On the other hand – due to the very hot weather the sanitary situation is just perfect. A couple of small rain falls and we will be back on track.

Work in the vineyards:The growers follow the vineyard on a regular base. Of course avoiding the hottest hours of the day. Their main focus is the soil to grant best drainage and optimum water for the vines. We want to preserve as much leaves as possible to offer shade to the grapes for an optimum maturation. No green harvest for the time being – as even young vigorous vines may suffer from dryness. We will adjust this within the next 2 weeks according to the rain falls. So fare we remain optimistic. With a couple of rain and cooler nights we could be very close to the exceptional 2015 vintage. As usual we are in hands of Mother Nature until now she looks to be again generous with us.

      <It is very dry but roses resist>           <Grapes still green and with very small berries>



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