305 Red & White & Champagne 4Btl Mixed Set

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Country: Italy

Area: Lombardia

Style: Dry

Producer: Ca Dei Frati

Size: 750ml


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1.Ronchedone (2016)  1 Bottle

Color: Red
Grade: Vino Rosso Italiano
Varietal: Marzemino, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon

The southern part of Lake Garda is renowned for its production of white wines. This aera, where the first morainic hills arise, also produces red wines with structure and body, with Ronchedone top of the list.

Tasting Note
We realized that certain areas and microclimate were ideal for a wine such as this. A combination of Marzemino, Sangiovese and10% Cabernet gives a wine that cannot go unnoticed. It has a rich, fruity nose, with a hint ofred fruit, macerated blackcurrants, kirsch, aromatic herbs and jam. On the palate it is powerful and incisive, clean and savoury, with a good degree of acidity. respecting the characteristics of the soil that produces it.

Food mtching
Ideally served with red meats requiring medium or lengthy cooking, game, mature cheeses, savoury pasta dishes and meat-based soups.


2.Lugana "Brolettino" (2017) 1 Bottle

Color: White
Grade: D.O.C.
Varietal: Lugana

This wine comes from our wonderful indigenous grape variety, Turbiana. Mature grapes are harvested around mid-October.Mature grapes and rich soil give a long-lived, well-structured wine.

Tasting Note 
When tasted. the wine displays its complexity to the full. On the nose, it is rich in ripe fruit-peaches and yellow apples-and wild rose petals, with fresh balsamic notes. After a decisive beginning, it is full-bodied and well-structured but nevertheless maintains its freshness and elegance through to the finish.

Food Matching: Ideal with robust winter soups, beans and pasta dishes with white sauces, white meat and poultry, semi-ripe cheeses and rich fish dishes and shellfish.

3.I Frati (2018) 1 Bottle

Color: White
Grade: D.O.C. Lugana
Varietal: Trebbiano di Lugana
Serving Temperature: 8℃

This is our wine which has earned us our reputation, and continues to represent the image of the winery. It is made entirely from our indigenous varitety , Turbiana.

Tasting Note
Originally conceived to be consumed within a year, it expresses itself best after several years in bottle. Consumed young it is fresh and straightforward, refined and elegant, with delicate notes of white powders and aromatic herbs, with a hint of apricot and almond.
It evolves through time, firmly expressing mineral notes. The wine acquires complexity, with a touch of iodine, spices and candied fruit.
On the palate it is concentrated, with a lively fresh finish. When consumed young, it should be served at about 10 ℃.

Food Matching: The ideal accompaniment for delicate cold or warm starters, steamed or grilled fish.


4.Cuvée dei Frati Brut (2012) 1 Bottle

Color: White
Grade: V.S.Q. Lugana
Varietal: ebbiano di Lugana, Chardonnay

The results obtained with this Cuvee are extraordinary. Our grapes with their rich fixed acidity have enabled us to produce a classic sparkling wine on a par with the best Italian spumante. We have added 10% Chardonnay to the Turbiana grapes to round off the youthful exuberance of the indigenous variety.

Tasting Note 
After ageing on the lees for at least 24 months, this wine takes on an expression of great finesse. In the glass it has a fine mousse, golden yellow in colour with green tints. On the nose, it is fragrant, with notes of biscuit and hazelnut, hay and ripe tobacco. A silky creamy fizziness gives way to fresh acidity with notes of biscuit and hazelnut.

Food mtching
Ideal as an aperitif, it can also be drunk throughout the meal, displaying the versatility of the "methode classique". Excellent with fresh water fish, poultry, cold white meats and summer salads. Ideal accompaniment for a good Parmesan.