410 Germany Blue Bottle 5 Bottle Set

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Country: Germany

Area: Nahe

Wine style: White

Producer: Ferdinand Pieroth

Size: 750ml


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1.Pieroth Blue QbA (2017) 1 bottle

The wine is a clear bright deep lemon color. Gentle integrated nose, it reveals attractive citrus and peach nuances with homey accents. Light to medium body, it is fresh, supple and fruity with a balanced acidity supported by attractive fruit flavors which linger on a smooth finish. It goes well with aromatic dishes. Fish soups, vegetarian dishes. poultry and white meat with light sauces are all perfect partners for this elegant Muller Thurgau.

Wine style: White
Grade: Q.b.A.
Varietal: Muller-Thurgau
Style: Off-Dry

Food Recommendation: Salade, fish, fruits
Alc %: 10.5%
Serving Temperature: 8-10℃


2.Pieroth Blue Kabinett (2018) 1 Bottle

The wine has a clear bright pale straw color. On the nose fresh with pear and green apple nuances accompanied by lemon and citrus notes. Medium-bodied, it is fresh, supple and fruity, displaying a rounded acidity and a smooth clean lingering finish. JKW06/16

Peach, apricot and tropical fruits
Taste : 
Creamy, balanced acid, balanced sweet
Food Recommendation: It's particularly enjoyable with steamed fish, boiled meat with light sauces, non spicy salads, Asian dishes terrines and quiches.
Alc: 8.5%
Serving Temperature: 8-10℃

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3.Pieroth Blue Spatlese (2018) 1 Bottle

Tasting Note:Pear, apple, peach 

Wine style: White
Grade: Spatlese
Style: Semi Sweet 
Food Pairing: Cheese, spicy meal, cake
Alc %: 9.5%
Serving Temperature: 8-10℃
Tips for Spatlese wine
Spatlese stands for the wine made from grapes harvested later than normal in the picking season. Therefore, concentration and maturation shine further with attractive roundness. Its greater body and pleasant sweetness also another characteristic for the grade.

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4.Pieroth Blue Auslese (2018) 1 Bottle

The wine is a clear pale straw color. Complex nose, it is fruity with hints of apple accompanied by honey accents as it opens in the glass. Medium to full-bodied, on the palate it is fresh, vibrant with a solid core of ripe fruit flavors, which linger on a long clean finish. JKW07/16

Food Pairing: Cheese, spicy meal, cake
Alc %: 9%
Serving Temperature: 10℃

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5.Pieroth Blue Sekt Mild 1 Bottle

The wine is deep straw color with consistent stream of bubbles. Fruity nose lifted by the mouseux revealing hints of apricot and peach with honeyed accents. Harmonious, balanced and fruity on the palate with a solid core of mouth coating fruit and a fresh lingering finish. JKW09/14