Winter Best Selection 2019/2020

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Winter Best Selection 2019/2020

Winter Best Selection Period

Something different, for the first time we introduce two gold medal wines from Bordeaux which can be used in conjunction with an app you can easily download on your smartphone or tablet.
Simply search for "Rose Canicule" on apple store or Google play. Check out the animations with your customers.

From the producers of Valendraud we introduce a special "Domaine Virginie Thunevin set" including for the first time ever a white version. Discover why these wines were so popular at our November tasting with our unique vertical set, which allows you to experience different vintages and how the wines evolves over a decade.

Diadema is back with the top range sporting Swarovski Crystal decorated labels in our Mini OCO and gift catalogue. Also from Spain we have 2016 Tremenda with 92 points from Robert Parker " This is a superb introduction to Monastrell from Alicante at an incredible price."

Also for the first time ever we have an organic prosecco in a resealable bottle, ideal for serving at fairs and easy for customers to store after opening. From South Africa we offer an award winning 2004 port style wine. As this was a rare find, stock is limited for this 15 year old fortified wine.

For those who like something trendy you should try the annual sell out wine Grain d 'Amour from France. As we draw close to the end of the year we have included PM at a competitive price for end of year and New year celebrations !!
Finally the long awaited Octopoda from Washington had arrived.

Following the global trend we introduce some special whisky from France

  • The only one french triple malt in the world
  • There are only 2 triple malt in the world. Oura and another one from England.
  • Made by Petrus
  • Distillation from the 3 best distillery in France ( Alsace, Charente, Lorraine). 
  • Assembled in Cognac with the mastery of the Bordeaux style
  • Maturing in barrels from Classified Growth from Sauternes and from St Emilion.
  • A whisky made in France with the color code of the french flag on the labels.
  • A bottle made by the best glass blower in Cognac.
  • The blue bottle is served at the Palais of Elysée, and the only one whisky served in Business class on Air France flights.
  • The red bottle is served on 1st class on Air France flights.
  • The black bottle, get the silver medal at the Spirit contest of Bruxelles 2017

With more than 320 years of history, the Vin de Constance is without a doubt THE greatest sweet wine of the South hemisphere. A unique style, based on freshness and delicious aromas which has being served at Buckingham Palace State Banquet. 

To achieve this style first of all, a first harvest is realized to create a basic wine with a 12,5-13% alcohol content and a good acidity.  In a second time, comes the harvest of the raisined grapes. Indeed, a contrario of sweet Bordeaux wines elaborated thanks to botrytis, the elaboration of Vin de Constance does not require this “noble rot” but the raisining of the grapes. This technique consists in leaving the grapes on the vine, let them dry in the sun and wind to get them aged, wilted and concentrated in sugar. 

Vin de Constance elixir is placed in its iconic bottle with its unique and particular form redesigned by an Italian designer to look alike the original bottle while adding it a touch of modernity. Since then, the design has been registered and globally protected, which emphasizes the uniqueness of Vin de Constance

People who like  Vin de Constance are you among them:

  • Napoléon 1st  who had some bottles delivered weekly at Saint-Hélène during his exile. On his death bed, he wanted to drink only Vin de Constance and nothing else.  
  • Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.
  • King of England George IV, the queen Elizabeth II
  • Queen of England Victoria.
  • Prussia Emperor Frédéric Le Grand.
  • Georges Washington, Thomas Jefferson.
  • The Indonesian Prince Dipanagara who was a Muslim but drank Vin de Constance.
  • Baudelaire (« I prefer Constance to opium »), Byron, Jane Austen (a remedy to a heartbreak ), Charles Dickens.
  • John Adams
  • Casanova
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Xi Jinping