Autumn 2021

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Autumn 2021

Sales Period:8/30~10/10

Three Finger Jack roamed the rugged and lawless wilderness of California Gold Country in the closing days of the Old West, searching relentlessly for riches. The gold may be gone, but this wine, grown in the land where Jack once roved, pays tribute to Jack’s outlaw name. Who Was Jack? Three Finger Jack was a notorious desperado who roamed the Sierra Foothills during the final days of the Old West. Nobody knows how he lost his two fingers or where he died, but his legend lives on in Lodi, CA. which has been growing grapes since the 1850s. From the award-winning range, we are proud to introduce an East Side Ridge Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel, and a Limited Release Lodi Rum Barrel Red Wine Blend ( the former vintage won double gold in the Sakura wine competition !).

New from Edmond de Rothschild "101", is the name of the plot selected for this rare expression of Rimapere. Hand-picked, aged on its lees with 50% fermented in barrels.

Less than ten years after the first vintage of Rimapere, winemaker Anne Escalle's mission was to bottle the quintessence of the property. Discover the tasting of this new exceptional vintage... For this first vintage, only 1 200 cases were produced.

From California enjoy the sweet life with Ménage à Trois Sweet Collection! Menage a Dolce invites you to experience the sweet life. This decadently sweet red blend is brimming with a wealth of dark blackberry, raspberry flavors accented by warm notes of cherry vanilla. Go from the every day to the extraordinary in just one sip. With the Moscato, wrap yourself in sweet splendor. Crafted with premium grapes ripened in the California sun, this indulgent sweet wine is bursting with ripe peach and bright tropical fruit flavor that leads to a refreshing finish. A life of luxury is just one sip away.

Oveja Negra was the first winery to dare to explore the innovative blending of grape varieties from a single vineyard in the Maule Valley. They have created unique wines with an identity of origin, from a place with special characteristics that make it a different proposition. For example the blend of sauvignon blanc with Carmenere which is a red variety to produce a special white wine! Oveja Negra wines are prepared with grapes grown and harvested by hand in their San Rafael vineyard, which is located in the heart of the Maule Valley. The use of sustainable grape-production practices, together with up-to-date wine-making techniques, results in fruity wines with a unique hallmark. Please note the new label design,

Bodegas Manzanos is one of the youngest and revolutionary groups of wineries in Spain. With a medium age of 32, they have become one of the top 10 producers in the Rioja region and top 3 in Navarra. From them, we have Senorio de Irati Grenache with 90 points from Wine Enthusiast magazine. Located in Northern Navarra the Irati Forest is the second-largest and best-preserved mixed beech-fir forest in Europe. It boasts 17,000 hectares maintained in a wild aspect. It is a natural treasure with great ecological value in which we can find beech and fir trees, pastures, and fresh rivers. they also provided us with two great value organic wines

Not all vineyards are the same. Some of them, with unique characteristics, are inhabited by mysterious creatures. Not always, and not often willing to be seen. They spread their magic and aromas granting the soil all the requirements for a truly singular Wine. These sneaky and funny creatures inhabit the vineyards and give them aroma and taste. This gave rise to the Vineyard Spirit range of Organic wines of which are excited to present two classical Spanish varieties Tempranillo and Macabeo to allow you to discover the pure taste of Spain.

Also from Spain, we introduce two more additions to the Tarongino range, Organic Grapefruit, and Blood Orange. These wines are from Valencia, the world’s best-known region for the quality of its citrus fruits from orchards are located in Sagunto (Valencia), in the region of Camp de Mourvedre, a renowned citrus area.

Another addition to the Dourthe range, Promesse de Dourthe. It is the fruit of a close-knit partnership between their winemakers and partner growers in Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, who work together to identify premium plots of organically-grown vines capable of producing grapes of the finest quality. We are sure you will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Bodega Son Mayol is a brand new project initiated in partnership with Patrick Léon, a legendary winemaker who has been Technical Director for Baron Philippe de Rothschild for twenty years, overseeing the winemaking facilities of the group such as Châteaux Mouton Rothschild, Opus One and Almaviva and thereafter consultant for many well- known wineries all over the world.

In search of the perfect wine, they discovered Mallorca Island. He planned and carried out the grape planting, the building of the wine cellar, the wine aging, and the staff training. Most of what Bodega Son Mayol is today with its top-class wines is thanks to Patrick’s great knowledge, tireless dedication, and deep love of winemaking. The first vines were planted in 2006 and the first experimental vintage was in 2014 and we are now proud to introduce a limited allocation of the 2017 vintage. In addition, we have a special offer on Mouton Rothschild in case you are interested to compare! and a special Baron Arques also from the same stable.

From Sequoia Grove we have three wines from the Winemakers series. Normally these are "winery exclusives" i.e. only sold at the winery however for this old customer we were able to get a small allocation for this to be able to offer you something exclusive and limited!

Also, we introduce some old favorites Unshackled from Prisoner wine company and Devils Candy which sold out in the last two previous old customer offers! And Hollywood Farm, stunning value wines from Washington state. And so you do not get bored we also introduced another great value "Napa" wine for meat lovers.

From France, we introduce Maison Bouey, a family of winegrowers since 1821 and one of the last 100% family-owned companies in Bordeaux. The highly-rated Parcelles was developed alongside Stéphane Derenoncourt (one of the top 1o winemakers in the world according to the Financial Times) and is produced in a style that goes against the typical Bordeaux playbook of the last 25 years. A wine that is suave, round, and fruit-forward. The "Cuvee 23" is produced by Thierry Laborie, 23 is particularly significant for the Bouey family, as it keeps reappearing in the birth dates of their family, the two sons, and the parents. "23" pays homage to this lucky number, to the good fortune it has brought the family, and to the promise of more to come.

From Gerard Bertrand, we have a special seasonal offer. Boca is a Catalan word signifying “mouth”. It pays tribute to the fruity and fresh character of the wines elaborated in the region. The packaging captures the colorful and typical landscapes of the Catalan coast.

For Boizel we release a small quantity of Cuvee 630A which sold out originally in our custom import offer. A unique, generous, and gourmet champagne, this champagne was obtained by a precise blending of the great Pinot Noir from Mailly and Cumieres and the sublime Chardonnay from Vertus and Avize. Resulting from patient research work on the Champagne aging led by Christophe Roques-Boizel, you can now see the results of aging of more than 10 years.

From Botter we focus on Masseria Doppio, both wines received 98 points from Luca Maroni, one of Italy's foremost wine critics.

Ca’ dei Frati was founded in 1939 when patriarch Felice Dal Cero settled in Sirmione (Brescia province) on the Lombardy region side of the Lugana appellation. It’s called Ca’ dei Frati or “friar house,” because it was once owned by monks who grew grapes there. It has been family-owned and runs for three generations. Over the years, the family repeatedly invested in new vineyards. Today, all their wines are made from estate-grown fruit and now are one of our most successful labels in Japan.

Capo Zafferano is a well-known promontory, with a magnificent view over a turquoise-water gulf and a centuries-old white lighthouse looking over southern Italy: so characteristic that we wanted it to represent their selection of Puglia wines. The Premium line was thought to represent the “golden selection”, the selection of the ripest grapes. Through the popular "Appassimento", a method used to dehydrate the grapes to reach a higher sugar level and alcohol content. This process allows the concentration of the aromas and enhances the complexity of the wine. Withering is obtained by cutting the grape shot but leaving the grapes on vines. Grapes are then pressed and the fermentation starts; the skins are left in the must for a long period to extract flavors. Subsequently, the wine is left in oak for a few months.

From Sicily, we introduce a new wine, Prato Berra. The vineyards for this wine had their origins four generations ago with the Berra family planting grapes on their sun-drenched meadows running down to the Mediterranean Sea. Viticulturist Giuseppe Berra knew by leaving grapes on the vine would harness the warmth of the sun and produce a process of “parziale appassimento” by naturally drying the grapes. The strength, intensity, and character of the grower are reflected in this wine and the soil of Pratoberra.

From the Navigator, we focus on their highly-rated Bourbon whisky finished in Navigator red wine barrels.

From Vallformosa we have an allocation of their top award-winning wines, each one is individually numbered with its unique label design. In addition we have two more wines from the Masia Freye wine including te Syrah-Tempranillo which just won gold in the Sakura wine competition.

With the summer heat still in mind, we also introduce Peñascal Rosé, which is a classic brand in Spain, in fact the Best Seller Spanish rosé wine with approx 42% of the rose market share (Nielsen 2018).

Meerendal dates back to 1702 when the farm was granted to Jan Meerland, one of the founding fathers of viticulture in the Cape of good hope. Enjoy special Sauvignon with its wonderful tropical overtones and check out the QR code which reveals a video of the winemaker commenting on the wine. From Argentina, we have Los Intocables Chardonnay which is aged in Bourbon barrels, and some special and seasonal offers on Toso. And do not overlook Centurion 125 year Old Vine Shiraz. Planted in 1892, the vineyard is amongst the oldest in the region, indeed in Australia.

Finally a special set of 20-year-old wines from Bordeaux for those of you who like mature wines. along with an exceptional estate at the heart of authentic Provence, Château de Sannes. Facing due South, the vineyard benefits from the Mistral which ensures the good health of the crops. We offer a unique set to allow you to taste all of their wines.

And finally but not least handpicked selection of top German wines

【Delay information】 
・Early September
555243 2021 Meerendal Sauvignon Blanc 
540815 2020 Albiger Schloss Hammerstein Siegerrebe Auslese
・Early October
9285396 2019 Napa Cut Cabernet Sauvignon 
9285610 2019 Three finger Jack Rum barrel aged blend 
9285628 2019 Three finger Jack Old Vine Zinfandel 
9285636 2018 Three finger Jack East Side Ridge Cabernet

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