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The wine from Pomerol or legend not alone for the quality but the prices they can command in todays markets. Romans cultivated vineyards in Pomerol but wine production really started in 16th century. Pomerol is the smallest "Appellation" (800 hectares) of the all the most famous Bordeaux appellations. Each vineyard is also minuscule (on average about 4 hectares). Pomerol is famous for its King "Cépage”: Merlot (average of 70%). Chateau Petrus is the best image of Pomerol and Merlot and each vineyard is not far from this famous Chateau. Those Merlot wines made on clay soils give silky taste especially appraised by women all over the world. And the force of great Bordeaux wines, and particularly Pomerol wines are their power of aging. It's not interesting to feel, behind a label, the weather of the vintage, the way to make the wine, the evolution of this wine after some years. ? That's why nothing will replace Pomerol's "terroir”!

François Estager