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SAINT EMILION : a mixture of tradition and innovations

It is one of the oldest French Appellations consisting of some of the world most renowned wines such as Cheval Blanc, Ausone or Angelus. It produces a range of very elegant wines where the sweet and charming Merlot shares the limelight with the structured and elegant Cabernet Franc. A technology in the service of complex soils and a vinification that might be compared to Haute Couture. The wines from Saint-Emilion are at the same time perfumed, rich in black fruits, spicy, mineral, fleshy and elegant. The Mecca of Tourism, Saint-Emilion forms an outstanding and unique site belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a small medieval city, a marvel in the middle of a thousand-year-old vineyard !

Chateau Beausejour Becot img1 Save 26%
¥11,900 ¥8,840
(¥9,724 Including tax)
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¥17,500 ¥15,110
(¥16,621 Including tax)
Chateau Beausejour Becot img1 Save 13%
¥11,900 ¥10,360
(¥11,396 Including tax)
(¥65,890 Including tax)
(¥37,290 Including tax)
Chapelle d'Ausone img1 Save 12%
¥29,200 ¥25,560
(¥28,116 Including tax)
(¥141,372 Including tax)
(¥21,780 Including tax)
(¥7,337 Including tax)
Save 12%
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(¥16,049 Including tax)
Save 16%
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