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"The valley of the Moselle is - together with its tributaries, the Saar and the Ruwer - the largest and most important Riesling production area in the world.

The trend to Riesling in the New World and elsewhere might challenge this in the future, as some estates are investing in hundreds and thousands of acres of new plantations. However the original and unique balance of flavors, the whole finesse of this varietal, is only to be found in this northerly wine region with its extremely steep slate soils (and to some extent in neighboring areas). 

The Riesling reveals and expresses here the very finest nuances of each vineyard, of each vintage.

Only in the Moselle does the Riesling show its ability to produce such an infinite panoply of taste sensations: an always intriguing and never-ending pleasure: from the lowest to high alcoholic content, from the lowest to the highest acidities, from wines with a dry character to those of nobly sweet concentration.

This makes Riesling here incomparable - and the envy of professionals from other regions, where it produces wines that are much more one-dimensional and less expressive."

(Weingut Markus Molitor)