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2020 Beaujolais Nouveau update ! (Last update 9/4)

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Updated! (9/4)

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●Beaujolais Nouveau (2020)

Vineyards:Varietal Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc.Soil clay and limestones.Vines of average 35 years

Vinification:Handmade harvest with strict selection in the vineyards.Traditional semi carbonic fermentation of 4 to 5 days with controlled temperatures.

Visual:A deep carmine red colour with intense avec purple reflects.

Nose:Very expressive nose with a mix of red and black fruits ( black cherries and blackberries)

Tasting:A fresh palate with a nice touch of the ripe cherries. A soft and silky finish with a nice length A scrumptious Beaujolais Nouveau with a bit more structure to pair with typical French Bistrot Food.

Service:14 16 C

To pair with:All the usual Bistrot Food grilled meat, generous salads and pasta And of course a lot of friends

●Beaujolais Villages Nouveau  (2020)

Vines:Varietal 100 Gamay. Soil. sandy clay.Average of 30 years old vines.

Vinification: Manual harvest with quality selection in the vineyards Traditional semi carbonic maceration for 4 to 10 days in stainless steel under controlled temperatures

Color:Brilliant black cherry red

Nose:Very expressive with aromas of Black Cherries and forest fruits

Tasting: A refreshing acidity to start with, round and soft on the palate Light tannins on the edge sign of an nice extraction

Serving: Between 14 16 C

Food:pairing White meat and grilled pork A typical wine for Bistrot food to be shared with friends around the table Perfect for celebration

●Beaujolais Rosé Nouveau (2020)


Vines: average of 45 years
Soil: mixed of limestone and clay

Our vines are handled under sustainable farming methods in order to preserve environment
Preserving the terroir is essential for our future but because it allows his optimum expression.

・Varietal & Vinification

Harvest: 100 by hand with strict selection within the vineyards
Varietal: 100 Gamay noir à jus blanc
Viinification: Direct Pressing followed by cold maceration

・Tasting Notes
Visual : Nice light pink colour with bright reflexions.
Nose : Fresh aromas with hints of exotic fruits ( Mango and Bananas) with a touch of elder tree flowers.
Tasting : Fresh and soft acidity with nice softness round and mouth filling. On the end you get back the touch of the exotic fruits.

・Food and wine
To be served as aperitif or over fish tapas, grilled chicken breast with spices curry) or pork chop with sautéed vegetables.
Advised serving temperature: 10 1212°C.


Harvest 2020 started again very early!!
It was on Thursday 19th that we officially started for the still wines. They had a very hot and extremely dry summer. But in the last 2
weeks some regular rainfall and cool nights helped the grapes to recover and enabled an optimum maturation. They have been very concerned as hail storms where predicted, but luckily they have been completely preserved from this kind of damages this year.

The vintage is starting under the best conditions and they are very confident regarding the quality. The first arrivals are showing quiet high sugar concentration and even, if less juice than usual, all signs are here for a great vintage.

Of course, as usual, it is early to have a definitive opinion, but our winemakers are confident that the results will be again on the upper scale of standards.

The Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages areas are in very good conditions with rather small grapes full of sugar and in perfect sanitary conditions.



We are facing a hot summer again

After a very hot beginning of the month of June – we had some lower temperatures and rainfalls in the last days of the month. So the vineyards had some rest and could recover. The high temperatures are back again and we expect days at 30 to 32° C (86 to 88 Fahrenheit) this week. If vineyards are not suffering at the moment – we will need some cooler nights and additional rain in order to maintain the growth. Some rain is forecasted in the coming days – we just need to avoid any hail storms – so far we have been preserved.

The vines
Vines are nice and vigorous, the development is still ahead compared to standards. We need some dryer days to avoid the development of mildew that appeared in some areas. On the other hand with a couple of hot days coming up the situation will improve and we should be back on track.

Work in the vineyards
The growers follow the vineyard on a regular base especially fearing the appearance of mildew. Working ahead will enable us to reduce the number of treatments and make sure we maintain a perfect sanitary situation. Next to this main focus they work on the soil to grant best drainage and optimum water for the vines. We want to preserve as much leaves as possible to offer shade to the grapes for an optimum maturation. We will adjust this within the next 2 weeks according to the rain falls. So far we remain optimistic. With a couple of rain and cooler nights we could be very close to some exceptional vintages like 2015 or 2018.
As usual we are in hands of Mother Nature until now she looks to be generous with us – we just hope it will continue and we will be preserved from hail storms.


Picture: Young vines with grass in between to preserve soil and biodiversity, and Grapes still green but in perfect shape.