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2021 Beaujolais Nouveau update

by Pieroth Japan

【News for September】

In the first days of September we hoped to gain some sunshine, but this did not really happen. If some days where fine, we had to suffer again from rainfalls in the first days of the month. We started officially the harvest on September 14th, so barely one month later than last year.

The vines:
Even with 3 weeks more than last year – this has not improved the situation a lot. We will still have another good week to go but the results so far are really concerning. In appellation, like Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages, we secured around 20 Hectoliters per Hectare when usually we are around 60. If in some Crus area we could get decent results, our global estimation for the whole cooperative will be 45% of a normal harvest.

Work in the vineyards:
This year harvest time is not approached with the same happiness as usual. A very low crop and an extensive work of selection in the
vineyards slows down the process a lot. This is necessary to bring back to the cellar the best possible grapes. In this way we assure the best possible result in fermentation and compensate with quality the losses in quantities.

Picture:Still a lot of grapes arriving at the cellar.



【News for Augest】

After a difficult start with frost damages in April, we had to face locally some hail storms in May affecting already recovering vines.
June was good, but in July we had a lot of rain and the beginning of August is similar. For the second quarter we had 1,5° less than
average in temperature (-8%) and 310 mm of rain compared to the usual 196 mm, so 59% more. Not really the best possible conditions. So far climate has not been on our side in 2021.

The vines:
The combination of suffering vines and above normal rainfalls conducted to the occurrence of the usual diseases (Mildiou, Botritys
and Blackrot) that needed to be cured. This also slow down the maturation process. Grapes are not ready yet. If last year we were
already preparing the start of the harvest, we expect to launch the harvest around 10th to 15th of September this year.

Work in the vineyards:
The main challenge is to limit the effects of the rain and to cure and prevent the possible diseases. At the same time we need to reduce the amount of grass around the vines that has developed massively, due to the combination of rain followed by hotter days. This is vital to enable the grapes to source all the possible nutrition available and gain as much as possible for the best possible maturation.

Picture:The color of the grapes begins to change.