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Mosketto Bianco - 1 bottle

The Mosketto name comes from the “blend” of Moscato and Brachetto, the most renowned aromatic varieties. Mosketto is produced in Italy and obtained by the arrested fermentationof this high quality aromatic must. Refreshing and youthful is the perfect product to conquer new consumers among the millennial generation.

Alc. vol : 5.5%
Production Area :Cultivation and vinification take place in Piedmont, wine region of North-Italy.
Soil : Soul with characteristic presence of limestone and clay.
Tasting Notes :Nose is mix of scents of fresh fruits, rose petals and white flowers. Fizzy and refreshing sweetness with a balanced taste. Better served between 4 and 8℃.
Food Pairing :Mosketto is the perfect match to fruit salads, pastries or simply to refresh a moment of happiness!

See region detail: Italy >> Piemonte
See producer detail: Mondo del Vino


Cavicchioli Malvasia Amabile - 1 Bottle

The wine is a deep lemon color with a slight green hue. It exhibits consistent stream of small beads. It has an aromatic and fragrant nose with floral and honey overtones, slightly reminiscent of linalool. Fresh and smooth on the palate, it has a balanced acidity while the bubbles accentuate the fruity character of the wine. While sweet it is still fresh balanced and harmonious and easy to enjoy with a lingering finish.JKW07/07

Vineyard: vines with a Guyot training system, with spurred cordon pruning, on loose mixed soils in the Emilia area.
Vinification: the grapes, harvested in the last week of September, are vinified on their skins and cryomacerated at a low temperature of 0-2℃ for about 24-26 hours: the second fermentation takes place in autoclaves in accordance with the Charmat method at a temperature of 12-14℃ and for about 4-5 days.
Wine: white and persistent froth with a fine lasting perlage; the colour is straw yellow with an intense and characteristic aromatic perfume; a sweet and aromatic taste with a slight bitterish aftertaste.
Analytical data: alcohol 8%; total acidity 5 g/l; pH 3.25; sugars 45 g/l; extract 20 g/l; medium pressure 2.50 atm.
Optimum conservation: to be drunk young
Food pairings: excellent as an aperitif, with risottos, tortellini and fish-based dishes.
Serving temperature: cool 6-8℃

See producer detail: Cavicchioli U.& Figli Spa

Vin Mousseux Rose Veuve Aubin de France - 1 bottle

Country: France
Colour: Rose
Varietals: Cinsault, grenache, Syrah
Style: Dry
Serving Temperature: 6 - 8
Producer: Veuve de France
Volume: 750ml
Tasting Note:Bright vivid rosé colour. Fruity scents with red fruits aromas. Numerous and fine bubbles.Fruity flavours the acidulous notes on the finish.Exciting fresh wine.


Vin Mousseux Cuvee Laurent Brut - 1 bottle

Country: France
Colour: White
Varietals: Ugni Blanc, Colombard
Style: Dry
Serving Temperature: 6 - 8
Producer: Veuve de France
Volume: 750ml
Tasting Note:Clear yellow. Expressed fruits and flowers aromas.Rich and full bodied.


Bianco Veneto Vino Frizzante Dolce - 1 bottle

See region detail: Italy >> Veneto 
See producer detail: Conte Ottavio Piccolomini


Araya Rose - 1 bottle

See region detail: Spain 

Wine style: