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L10 by Bianchi Torrontes (2020)

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Country: Argentina

Area: Mendoza

Wine style: White

Varietal: Torrontes

Style: Dry

Alc(%): 13.5

Producer: Casa Bianchi

Serving Temperature(℃): 10

Size: 750ml

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Tasting Note: Greenish color with slight golden tones. It is a young wine and therefore expresses all its characteristic freshness of this varietal, with delicate aromas of citrus and floral fruits such as jasmine in bloom. Fresh and voluminous entry into the mouth. Balanced and permanent acidity, harmonious wine that in turn allows you to perceive the aromas found on the nose.
Grape variety: Torrontes.
LEO Messi Foundation collect Money from the sales of the wines. The funds are being applied specifically to three four very important projects:
1. The construction of a nursery at the Children’s Hospital in Rosario, home city of LEO Messi and his foundation in Argentina.
2. Provideing scholarships to doctors specializing in infant oncology, pediatrics, spinal transplants and infant growth.
3. Financially assisting a school named Sagrado Corazón. The money is for buying food, clothes, school supplies and construction improvements.
The Leo Messi Foundation is also involved in many other causes helping to improve children’s lives. In order to be able to achieve this goal, they receive collaboration of many other companies.


Climate: Our estates located in San Rafael receive pure water from the Diamante River and gentle breezes from a continental climate that determine the exact rythm for the grape ripening. Our vineyards, between 600 and 800 meters above sea level, are benefited by a marked difference in temperatures between day and night which results in a balanced and constant fruit ripening. 

Soil: San Rafael, it is characterized by its loamy-sandy-silty soil, with variable depth and well-defined layers of small boulder. The silt presence -more abundant in certain zones of the estate- allows the water to be retained by the soil, interfering with the plant extraction through the roots, thus enabling a deeper root development.

Vinification: This wine is made in their San Rafael winery. The harvest begins when the state of maturity of the grapes is adequate for this level of wine, where the acidity and sugar are in perfect balance. Once the grapes are received in the cellar, a careful de-stemming is carried out and immediately, through a cold water exchanger, to reduce its temperature, the must is sent to the pneumatic presses, the must obtained is incubated in stainless steel tanks at a temperature approximately 8 ° C. In these tanks, the previous overflow is carried out, a process by which it is stripped of the thick fluff obtained from the pressing. After this overflowing, the must is obtained in optimal conditions to start its fermentation process. For fermentation we use selected yeasts and the fermentation temperature is 15 ° C. Once the fermentation process is finished, the wine is left in contact with the fine fluffs, which, on a weekly basis, are brought into contact with the wine again by means of a batonnage in order to achieve greater complexity and volume of mouth.

Acidity: 0.65g/100ml.
PH: 3.15.
Residual sugar: 0.25g/100ml.