Lheraud Cognac Cuvee 20 700ml

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Country: France

Area: Cognac

Wine style: Brandy

Varietal: Ugni Blanc

Style: Dry

Producer: Cognac Lheraud

Serving Temperature(℃): 18-20

Size: 700ml

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Dark amber with a greenish tinge towards the rim.Nice undercurrents of vanilla and oak combine with toffee and orange giving a complex nose.Attractively smooth and fruity with a slight touch of sweetness.Leaves a lingering impression of richness but dryness at the finish.JKW

Alc%: 43%

Serving Temperature: Room temperature

Food: digestif

See producer detail: Cognac Lheraud


Not blended: single vineyard and 100% 20 years old cognac

Vinification: Double distillation of white wine + aging 20 years in Oakwood barrels