Cognac Lheraud

Lheraud Grande Champagne (1983)

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Country: France

Area: Cognac

Wine style: Brandy

Varietal: Ugni Blanc

Style: Dry

Alc(%): 46

Grade: Chateau Lafleur

Producer: Cognac Lheraud

Size: 700ml

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Tasting Note: Complexity of aromas, old leather, dry flowers. Pleasant smoothness, woody and hazelnut.

Grape Variety:  100% Ugni Blanc.


Fermentation: Natural until end of November 1983.

Barrels: In French (Limousin) Oakwood barrels of 350 liters, closed and sealed by BNIC (National Office for Cognac) representatives just after distillation.

Ageing: The first 3 years in a “dry” cellar to obtain the maximum of evaporation (the “angel share”) to lose the “bad” alcohols responsible of the fire and strength of a young spirit; during this period, evaporation can be up to 5-6%. After these first 3 years, stored in a “humid” cellar for a longer aging. Aging is controlled by BNIC representatives, who from times to times, come and control each stamp on the sealed barrels.