Lheraud Pineau des Charentes 7

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Country: France

Area: Cognac

Wine style: Brandy

Varietal: Ugni Blanc

Style: Dry

Producer: Cognac Lheraud

Serving Temperature(℃): 5 - 6

Size: 750ml

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The cognac region doesn’t just make only cognac. They also produce a sweet aperitif / dessert wine called Pineau des Charentais which can be white or rosé. Pineau des Charentes has been granted full AOC status since 1945 and therefore its production is subject to rigid rules. It is made by adding cognac, to grape juice, thereby preventing any fermentation, makes it. It must be cognac and normally one-quarter to three-quarters of grape juice is used, giving a rich sweet drink.JKW24/7/98

Serving Temperature:5-6℃

See producer detail: Cognac Lheraud