Lugana (2016)

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Country: Italy

Area: Lombardia>>Lugana

Wine style: White

Varietal: Trebbiano di Lugana

Style: Dry

Grade: D.O.P. Lugana

Serving Temperature(℃): 10-12

Size: 750ml


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Tasting Note:delicate, dry and fresh, with tones of white almond and apple. 

Alcohol volume:12,5% Vol
Pairing:shellfish and seafood, which can be also used as a condiment in a plate of pasta or risotto; slightly fatty boiled fish.

See region detail: Italy
See producer detail: Ca Maiol


The white D.O.P. Maiolo wine, originating from the Trebbiano vine of Lugana, takes its name from the manor house Cascina Maiolo, built in 1710. The grapes of this wine are obtained from cultivated vines in an area of 35 hectares, of an average age of 25 years, cultivated according to the Silvoz and Guyot model, with an average seasonal production per hectare of approximately 100 ql..

The nature of the terrain, a product of stratified clay, but with a prevalently chalky soil, caused by effects of the post ice age on the bed of lake Garda, gives to this wine its own peculiar characteristics in the straw color with greenish reflections, in the delicate perfume with a hint of almond and a dry taste with a saline hint.