Mas D'en Gil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2020)

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Country: Spain

Producer: Viticultors Mas d'en Gil

Size: 250ml

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Tasting Note:  Experinece the perfume of the Arbequina variety olive, its texture and the saltiness of the Llicorella (slate) soils. Fresh tomatoes, artichoke leaves and freshly cut grass… In the mouth this oil displays a medium density with a final note of almond.

Origins: It is made using olives from hundred year old trees located mainly on the steep slopes (“costers”) of the Vall del Bellmunt, known as L’Esmoler and la Bruguera, as well as La Plana del Mas.

Olive Varieties: 100% Arbequina from hundred year old trees on the estate.

Food Recommendation: This is a delicate olive oil which should be used to dress a finished dish. For example, it works well drizzled over vegetables or grilled meat or fish, once taken off the grill. It is ideal for Catalan tomato bread (Pa amb Tomaquet). If you are serving chocolate, add a few drops of this oil and a dash of salt.