Moma Rosso (2017)

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Country: Italy

Area: Emilia Romagna

Wine style: Red

Varietal: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese

Style: Dry

Alc(%): 13

Grade: I.G.T. - Rubicone

Producer: Umberto Cesari

Serving Temperature(℃): Room Temperature

Size: 750ml

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Tasting Notes
Colour: Intense ruby red Nose: Intense bouquet of berry fruits, especially raspberries


Donatella Carollo’s Futurwine wins the second edition of Umberto Cesari Art Contest 2015, becoming the new label of the MOMA line of wines.
The Umberto Cesari Art Contest is an international art competition addressed to young artists attending academies of fine arts; this second edition addressed the students at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, Urbino, and the Université du Québec in Montréal.
The concept of the competition is inspired by the desire of Umberto Cesari to promote emerging artists and new talents by offering them the opportunity of creating a visual artwork that best expresses the distinctive identity of the MOMA line of wines. The name of this line refers to the acronym MyOwnMAsterpiece, a clear reference both to the outstanding piece of art reproduced on the label and to the quality the wine as well.
Created in 2011 a competition addressed to young artists, the contest would serve as an opportunity for these future talents to become known through their creation of a new label inspired by the world of wine.

Artist Comment: My label is an “art play” that refashions the graphic shape of the letters that make up the word MOMA, so that they suggest a human shape that is drinking a glass of wine. Thus, the lower M suggests an upper torso, the O its face, the second M a hat, and the A the glass of wine. The hat alludes to a crown, and hence the excellence of the wine, truly worthy of a king. The composition is stylised, and relies in 3 colours, white, black, and red, to render the image immediately clear and readable. I chose to use a brush and paint instead of computer-created graphics to preserve a feeling of being “made with my own hands,” somewhat like grapes, which require the attention and sapient hand of the winegrower to produce fine wine. I called my label FUTURWINE because it reminds me of Depero and Futurism, one of the glories of Italy, like fine wine.



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