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Gentlemen Winemakers' Event (Walk-in Tasting, Dinner & Auction) on November 24

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Event Information

Venue Ark Hills Club
37F East Wing, ARK Mori Building,
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date : Sunday November 24th, 2012
Walk-in Tasting 11:00-18:00 (Time may change.)
Dinner & Auction 18:30-20:45 (Time may change.)
Admission Fee for Dinner & Auction JPY 10,000. per person.
Inquiry & Reservation
: E-mail:


Person Winery  
Alexis Rousset-Rouard Domaine de Citadelle  
Max Hernandez Pinino
Francois Estager Chateau La Cabanne/ Chateau Papeterie

Chateau Carbonnieux  
David Ornon Cahteau Smith Haut Lafitte  
Tristan Kressmann Chateau Latour- Martillac  
Henrique Da Costa Chateau Pavie  
Xavier Planty Chateau Guiraud
Matthieu Cuvelier Chateau Poujeaux, Clos Fourtet
Philippe Dambrine Chateau Cantemerle  
Bruno Eynard Chateau Lagrange  
Jean Emmanuel Danjoy Chateau Clerc- Milon   
Erwan Le Brozec Chateau d'Armailhac
Lucas Leclercq Chateau Lafon- Rochet  
Jose Sanfins Chateau Cantenac Brown
John Kolasa Chateau Rauzan- Segla
Mathieu Chadronnier Chateau La Garde
Chateau Marsau
Arnaud Paulin L'Aventure  

ダイナースクラブ フランス レストランウィーク2012 こどもフランス料理教室 参加者募集

by Pieroth admin
2012年9月24日から10月7日まで開かれるイベント「ダイナースクラブ フランス レストランウィーク2102」に参加するレストランシェフを招いて、親子15組限定で料理教室を開催いたします。

開催日: 10月7日(日)
開催時間: 午後3時00分開場 午後5時終了
開催場所: ミーレ表参道 ギャラリー
東京都港区南青山 4-23-8(根津美術館向かい)
受講料: 無料
参加条件: * 満6歳~12歳のお子様1名とその保護者1名の2名1組にてご応募ください。
応募方法:  2012年9月20日(木)までにips@pieroth.jpまでメールでご応募下さい。件名に「10月7日こども料理教室参加希望」と入れて下さい。

下村浩司氏 略歴
22 歳で渡仏し、「ラ・コート・ドール」「トロワグロ」「ギイ・サボワ」などの三ツ星レストランを中心に修業を重ね、1998年に帰国。乃木坂「レストラン FEU」のシェフを経て、2007 年に六本木「エディション・コウジ シモムラ」をオープン。
確固たる技術と知識をベースに、大胆な発想と遊び心を加えた「下村版(edition)」の料理が食通たちの舌を唸らせ続けている。また本年は、シンガポール 老舗フレンチレストラン「Les Amis レザミ」、タイ・バンコク5ツ星ホテル「The Sukhothai Bangkok ザ・スコータイ・ホテル シモムラ・スペシャルウィーク」など、国内外の料理イベントへの招致が絶えない。


The Latest Hot News from Chateau de La Gardine: 43.5 Degrees!!!

by Pieroth admin

We have received the latest hot news and photos from Chateau de La Gardine. It is 43.5 ℃!!! Due to this climate, the harvest is likely to take place earlier than usual.

Summer Vacation: Winemaker Style

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Mr. Christian Witte, the manager of Schloss Johannisberg sent us a summer greeting photo.

In the photo, boiled shrimps are sitting by Schloss Johannisberg Kabinett. Don't they look so delicious? He is enjoying Schloss Johannisberg wines even when he is on vacation.

Christina deserves applause.  You can absolutely enjoy Schloss wines at a beach. Let's chill the wines and take them to our summer vacation.

We will sponsor Diners Club French Restaurant Week 2012

by Pieroth admin

It is our pleasure to be a sponsor of the Diners Club French Restaurant Week 2012.

This event is a Japanese version of Tous au Restaurant (Let’s go to Restaurant) held in France since 2010. In Japan, it is going to be the second time to have the event. As this is also an occasion to contribute to the development of French cuisine in Japan, the French Embassy in Tokyo is also a special sponsor of the event.

■ Event Period:

Monday, September 24th 2012 – Sunday, October 7th 2012


 French restaurants in Japan (Total 544 restaurants)

■In each participating restaurant, a special menu will be served during this period.

Lunch 2,012 yen (Tax and service charge included)
Dinner 5,000 yen (Tax and service charge included)

Please visit their official homepage for further details of the restaurants and reservations.

On Wednesday July 11th, there was a press conference and a reception party which was held at the French Embassy in Tokyo.  We had a chance to serve our PS Bordeaux Blanc, PS Bordeaux Rouge, and Louis Max Beaucharme Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Everyone enjoyed the wine with the appropriate food provided by representative chefs of each area.

Mr. Alain Ducasse
 Front Row, second from left: Mr. Christian Masset
Center: Mr. Alain Ducasse
Center: Chef from Laureole Iwate Prefecture, Mr. Masayasu Ito

Château de Mercuès is served at the Relais & Chateaux event held in Tokyo.

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n Wednesday June 13th, a Relais & Chateaux event was held at Hotel de Mikuni and the ’08 Château de Mercuès was served to the participants.

Relais & Chateaux originates in France from 1954.  It is an association of prestigious boutique restaurants and hotel of world repute with high membership standards. Château de Mercuès apart from producing wine owns a hotel and restaurant and is a registered as a member of this very prestigious association.

This time, among numerous members, more than 10 owners, including Mr. Georges Vigouroux, came to Tokyo for the event.  Relais & Chateaux organization arranged a special lunch buffet and workshop aimed specifically at travel agencies.

Second row, center  : Mr. Georges Vigouroux,
Château de Mercuès Orner

Bertrand Wines were served at the French Embassy Reception

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On Friday, June 22nd, 4 kinds of wines from Gerard Bertrand were served during the reception held at French Ambassador’s residence.

Mr. Christian Masset,
The French Ambassador

This event was held to celebrate the special visit by the French Barbarians (selected members from national rugby league), hosted by the French Ambassador Christian Masset.

Mr. Gerard Bertrand is the owner of Gerard Bertrand, and a former member of the Barbarians.  On this occasion past members also visited Tokyo along with the current Barbarians including Mr. Jan Pierre Rive, President of the Barbarians.

Though Mr. Bertrand did not personally attend his good friendship with Mr. Jan Pierre Rive, gave us an occasion to participate in this event by serving his wines.

Wines Served at the Reception

‘10 H de l'Hospitalet Viognier

‘10 H de l'Hospitalet Chardonnay

‘10 H de l'Hospitalet Pinot Noir

‘10 H de l'Hospitalet Cabernet Sauvignon


At the Reception, various people related to the rugby association attended both from France and Japan. The Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori also attended as Chairman of Japan Rugby Football Union. More than 250 guests in all were invited to celebrate this memorable night.

Left :Mr. Jan Pierre Rive,  President of the Barbarians
Right : Mr. Laurent Faivre, Managing Director of Pieroth Japan K.K.

Left :Mr.Yoshiro Mori, The Former Prime Minister

Left : Mrs. Laurent Faivre
The second from the left : Mr. Jan Pierre Rive, President of the Barbarians
The second from the right :Mr. Laurent Faivre

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