Organic Wine

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Organic Wine

What is Organic Wine?

Organic wine is labeled in various ways such as organic farming wine, organic wine, biodynamie etc...
The criteria to beingan organic wine vary, depending upon the country and the organization.
But all of the wines "made from grapes that are certificated organic by a qualified organization" are called organic wine.

After a variety of examinations, if the wine proves to meet the standards set by a certified organization such as chemical-free, fertilizer-free, the period of herbicide-free・・ etc,
the wine is approved as organic.

What is Biodynamie?

There are many methods used in organic faming. But a well-known and popular technique is "biodynamie" farming.
It normally means not just only an form of organic farming, but also a growing technique based on the motion of the moon and planets.
It also incorporates the process of adding natural substances to the ground to boost the innate power of the soil and crops.

~Common Story~
Is the wine sulfite-free?
Not necessarily. It does not always say that sulfite is not contained in even organic/bio wine.
Many producers use it with the aim of preventing micro-creatures from being active or keep the wine from becoming oxidized.

Does organic/bio wine taste better because it is organic? 
Not entirely true. But since organic/bio wine is made from the grapes of a vine rooted deeply under the ground, the wine benefits from the earth more than the one using chemical fertilizers.
Because of the above reason, you can enjoy organic/bio wine that tastes completely different than non-organic.

Is bio-wine good for your health?
As it is free from agri-chemicals, it could alleviate possible negative effects on your body, compared to normal wine.
However, it is not scientifically proven. Please consume sensitively.