Delivery Conditions

Delivery Conditions

Standard Delivery:

Unless specified otherwise orders are dispatched within 3 ~ 5 days after reception from our central warehouse in Yokohama. Customers will, as a rule, receive their order within 4 ~ 6 days after having placed it.


Fixed day or time deliveries:

Customers may specify the day (Monday ~ Sunday) and/or the time (morning/midday/ afternoon/evening) during which they wish to receive their order. However, it should be noted that slight delays in time might occur.

Later delivery:

In case of special circumstances order dispatch may be delayed for a max. of 30 days. Thereafter the order reservation is discontinued.

Cool delivery:

At Pieroth Japan, all orders are delivered by Cool delivery service during June through September.

Cool delivery service is also available throughout the year. A separate order and a surcharge of ¥ 324 is levied for such deliveries.