A.O.C. - Pineau des Charentes

Lheraud Pineau des Charentes (1976)

Product Information

Country: France

Area: Cognac

Wine style: Brandy

Varietal: Ugni Blanc

Style: Sweet

Grade: Cognac

Producer: Cognac Lheraud

Serving Temperature(℃): 10-12

Size: 750ml

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Grape variety: Ugni Blanc + Colombard

Method of making
Just after the harvest, blending of cognac + fresh grape juice
Aging After blending, aged in barrels until bottling
Barrels French Oak; barrels of 350 liters
Bottling date: Upon request (always in barrel)
Bottle Hand made; 750 ml

Alcohol by Volume: 17%
Temperature of service: Shall be served chilled at 10 - 12 ° Celsius
Tasting notes: Fine balance, elegant acidity, extremely long finish with aromas of dried fruits.
Food pairing: Pure as aperitive, or as dessert wine with chocolate cakes or blue cheese