Château Pérenne

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Château Pérenne

This Château’s fine reputation goes back to the XVIIth century. Until the French Revolution of 1789, the monks of Saint-Romain de Blaye Abbey lived in a communityat Saint Genès, where winegrowing was an important source of income. In 1791, the estate was sold to the Irish O’Lanye family, who succeeded in making it one of the best known wines in the region. Their successors, the Arnaud family, built the neo-classical style estate in 1871 and during the XXth century several owners followed each other.

Location: Saint-Genès de Blaye.
Area under vine: 57 hectares.
Wine grape variety: 75% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet
Franc and 2% Malbec.
Age of vines: 30 years.
Vine density: 4,500 to 6,000 vines per hectare.
Location of the vineyards: 80% of the vines surround the Château, and the remaining 15% are mainly located on the south side of a hill opposite the Château.
Viticulture: Traditional Bordeaux pruning and the Cordons de Royat method (training vines to unilateral cordon) are used according to the vigour of the vines. 90% grassing over. Suckering, leaf thinning on both sides, bunch thinning if necessary.
Winemaking: Grapes from each plot are fermented separately in thermoregulated stainless steel vats. Pumping over with rack and return done according to daily tastings. Pneumatic winepress. Malolactic fermentation of 20% of the crop takes place in new barrels. The wine is aged for 12 months, partly in new French oak barrels.
Yield: 50 hectolitres per hectare.

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