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Bosco del Merlo represents our family’s pride, the result of our ongoing commitment and the expression of our love and passion for the land and its bounty. The Bosco del Merlo estate extends between Eastern Veneto and Friuli with more than 90 hectares of green vineyards. They are divided into two company estates, which are located in the heart of the Controlled Appellation of Origin area Lison Pramaggiore. In the clayey-calcareous soils, together with some little surfaces of historic vineyards cultivated with the Sylvoz method, other vineyards have been planted in the last decade. These latter have been cultivated with the Guyot and the rammed string growth methods, with a density from 3000 to 6000 plants per hectare. The clonal selection and the forms of cultivation require a moderate production, and the nature of the soils generates grapes expressing qualitatively remarkable characteristics. In fact every vine produces only a few bunches, very rich in flavours and scents, giving the wine strength, harmony and elegance. Since 1992 the Bosco del Merlo estate has chosen the organic cultivation methods for its vineyards, in order to respect the environment. In the company cellar expert men, helped by modern technologies, look after the vinification and every wine ripeness phase with great care. In the large and air-conditioned rooms, the modern steel tanks, the traditional oak barrels and the precious barriques recount the history of a wine, giving fascinating emotions at every tasting.