Château L'Evangile

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Château L'Evangile

Chateau L’Evangile was known up to the mid 18th century under the name of “Fazilleau”, but soon after, under its present denomination of “Chateau L’Evangile”, the wine became famous. In the Ⅻth Century the Hospitaliers of St-John-of-Jerusalem founded their first commandery in Libourne. The vineyards of Pomerol used to supply the needs of the commandery, this explains the origin of some of the names of the Chateau such as L’Evangile (gospel) Pasteur (priest), Croix (cross) etc. Chateau L’Evangile has belonged to the family of the current owners since 1862.

A philosophy of late harvesting ensures rich concentrated grapes for the production of this wine, even though it lowers the yield (usually harvested 1-2 weeks after Chateau Petrus). At the Chateau a submerged cap system of vinification is used, which results in high color extraction.

If the wine was to be compared to the Medoc classification it would probably rate as a second growth.

Second label: None

Area under vines: 13 ha 30.

Av. Prod.: 4,500 cases

Distr. Of vines: Grouped around the Chateau.

Soil: Sandy-clay and gravel with an ironpan subsoil.

Grape varieties: 70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc

Pruning: Guyot simple

Vines per ha.: 5,500

Av. age of vines: 30 years

Av. yield per ha.: 35-45 hl

Harvesting: Hand picked

Temp. of ferm.: 32C

Type of vat: cement

Age of casks: 40% new

Time in Barrels: 20 month

Fining: French egg whites

Bottled at the chateau: 100%