Château Labegorce Zédé

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Château Labegorce Zédé

In Margaux itself there is a series of three growths with a variation of the name Labégorce. They are de Labégorce, L’Abbé-Gorsse-de-Gorsse and Labégorce-Zede of which Labégorce-Zede is considered the better. There can be no doubt that at one time they formed a single property, the origins of which have been traced back to the fourteenth century. Deeds show that it belonged to the noble family of La Bégorce in 1332. It passed through a number of noble hands before the revolution, including the de Mons who took the title of Seigneur de Labégorce in 1728. By the middle of the 19th century, Labegorce belonged to Pierre Zédé.

Pierre Zédé had three sons, the eldest, Emile Hippolyte, became an admiral and a Grand Officer of the Legion d’ Honneur. Charles Jules went into the army and rose to the rank of General. He was a commander of the Legion d’Honneur. Gustave Alexandre was a brilliant engineer, and the inventor of the submarine torpedo.
Sadly in 1891 he fell victim of his researches into torpedoes when an experiment went disastrously wrong in his laboratory, and he died. Following Gustave’s death, Admiral Emile bought out the rest of the family interest in Labégorce and added the family name thus giving birth to Labégorce Zédé. His children remained owners of the property until 1931. Today it is owned and managed by the Belgian Thienpont family, who also own Vieux-Château-Certan and Le Pin. Some of the improvement in vinification that they made are are for example, that the collected fruit is picked over by a team of cellar workers as it travels up to the fouloir-égrappoir, another factor worth mentioning is that the wine is not filtered. Also the yield are much lower versus their neighbors.
Since 1984 the château has produced a second wine. It was first called Château de L’Armiral but this created difficulties with the second wine of Beychevelle and the ame has now been changed to Domaine Zédé
Second label:  Domaine Zédé.
Area under vines:  27ha.
Nos. of employees:  7.
Vines per ha.:  6,600 to 10,000.
Average age:  1/3 - 30-80 years.
          1/3 - av 25 years.
                        1/3 - av 10 years.
Grape varieties:  Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
                            Merlot 35%
                            Cabernet Franc 10%
                            Petit Verdot 5%.
Av. yield per ha.:  45hl/ha.
Harvesting:  Manual.
Av. prod.:  10,500.
Distr. of vines.:  Several parcels.
Soil:  Deep coarse gravel.
Added yeasts:  Natural.
Length of maceration:  15 days.
Temp. of fern.:  30°C.
Control of fermentation:  Coil.
Type of vat:  Stainless steel & cement.
Age of casks:  35-40% new.
Time in cask:  12-18 months.
Fining:  Egg whites.
Filtration:  None.
Type of bottle:  Bordelaise.
Bottled at the chateau:  100%.
STORAGE:  6-12 years.
FOOD / CONSUMPTION:  They are a perfect complement to lamb, veal, poultry and delicate game.

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