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Ferd. Pieroth GmbH

The WIV Quality Guarantee
Tradition: experts in wine for over 300 years
The history of the Pieroth family can be traced back to the year 1675. They have been known as vintners since 1705. The company’s head office is still located in their home town of Burg Layen. Over the last 300 years, however, a family wine- growing estate has become a global corporation. And yet the company, now known as WIV Wein International AG, is still a family firm. Two members of the Pieroth family sit on the three-man Management Board. This reflects the fact that we always take our responsibility to our staff and our customers personally.
Innovative ideas:
pioneers in direct sales
The real success story of WIV AG started a good 50 yeas ago. Brothers Elmar and Kuno Pieroth revolutionised wine selling at that time by organising wine tastings in customer's houses. This marked the starting point for direct wine sales, and this business is still the strongest pillar in our company structure. No other company in the wine industry is in closer contact with its customers or knows the needs of wine lovers better than WIV AG. We therefore see ourselves, to a large extent, as ambassadors for the culture of wine.
We combine tradition with innovation:the Directors of WIV Wein International AG
An international corporation: WIV AG is active in 21 countries
WIV AG soon recognised the potential of foreign markets and established subsidiaries in many different countries at an early stage. Today, WIV AG is active in 21 countries, including Japan, the UK, Italy and France. WIV AG was often one of the first companies to arrive in developing markets such as China, Korea and Russia. In opening up new markets, we thus benefit from our experience in other countries, whilst nonetheless modifying our activities to the needs of the individual markets. The Group is made up of sales companies operating on a direct sales basis, and also trading companies, retailers and an exhibition stand construction company. Our annual sales have now reached almost 500 million.
WIV AG: a member of important associations
WIV AG or its subsidiary companies are members of the most important associations in the industry. This means that we are well informed at all times of all major developments in the wine market and follow the guidelines of the relevant associations. We are members of various wine growers’ associations, the German Association for Wines and Spirits, the Federation of German Sparkling Wine Producers and the Federation of German Wine Exporters.
Personal service: a workforce of over 5,000 people looks after more than two million satisfied customers all over the world
Every year, our company’s workforce of over 5,000 people carry out over a million home wine tastings. In addition, wine lovers all over the world enjoy our wine events, attractive exhibition concepts, hotel wine tastings and wine holidays. WIV AG is active at all the major international events such as EXPO in Hanover and EXPO in Japan.
For us, the focus is on the provision of direct, expert advice and the best possible service for our customers. More than two million satisfied regular customers throughout the world make use of our wide range of products and services.
Quality assurance: comprehensive from the start
If a wine is produced by us, we monitor production from the very start. Strict quality standards apply even in the vineyard and later during the preparation of the wine. Wines that we buy in are also carefully monitored. Samples are subjected to a sensory evaluation and laboratory testing. Later, when the product arrives here, we carry out analyses to check that the wine matches the sample. Even the tiniest deviation means that the wine is rejected. Our laboratory, with its five staff, carries out some 85,000 analyses every year, thus ensuring outstanding product quality. In addition, our own quality assurance system also ensures that our stocks are regularly quality-monitored. The entire technical division, from wine buying to storage, is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:1000. This certification is subject to revision annually. In addition, the State Wine Control Authority regularly checks that we comply with the provisions of the law. The issue of the official test number for individual wines is also subject to strict rules.
WIV AG - more than a trading company: holding s in wine estates and wine producers around the world
Many of our wines are bottled in our own modern cellars in Langenlonsheim - about 18 million bottles a year, in fact. And so we know precisely what goes into the bottle. In France, in the heart of Burgundy, we also own another bottling cellar, with an annual capacity of eight million bottles. In Hungary, we have built our own wine cellars where the grapes from around 300 vintners who work to our strict standards are turned into wine. Our chief oenologist spends several weeks there each year specially for this purpose. We have our own wine estate in Australia, and we have an interest in a major estate in South Africa. We have also signed long-term cooperation agreements with many other wine producers, including Groot Constantia, the largest wine estate in South Africa.
Best quality for our customers: professional buyers on the spot
We offer our customers the widest possible range in the best possible quality. With this aim, our buyers are off searching all the time for new discoveries and even better wines. In the most important countries, especially Italy and France, we have specialists on the spot. These have excellent contacts and, with their vast range of experience, consistently apply our quality standards when buying wines. They purchase precisely the wines that meet our customers’ requirements. All of our suppliers have to comply with strict standards. We also check that these are being maintained by visiting them regularly.
These are the people responsible:
Petra Bernhard
Graduate Oenologist
Quality Control
Dr Stefano Contini
Graduate in Agrarian Sciences, Graduate Oenologist
Wines from Italy, Switzerland
Udo Machemer
Cellarmaster and Viticultural Engineer
Wines from Germany
Michel Moreau
Graduate in Agrarian Sciences, Graduate Oenologist
Wines from France
Manager, Wine Cellars, France
Beverly Tabbron
Master of Wine
Wines from Australia
Manager, Trade Purchasing, United Kingdom
Long-term partnerships: a guarantee of security and stability
We have been working with many of our suppliers for decades. We like to build on these long-term partnerships, because over the years, our partners have grown used to the high standards that we demand. In return, we are prepared to pay a higher price. In this way, we achieve mutual satisfaction, and thus a high degree of security and stability. For our customers, this means that we can offer the right wines of the highest quality to suit almost any taste at a fair price.
Many of our wines win awards and medals at national and international wine competitions.

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