Pieroth Blue Series

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Pieroth Blue Series


Official records of the Pieroth family date back to the year 1675. The Pieroths have been known as farmers and vintners in Burg Layen since 1705. The family's seat near Burg Layen was built in 1731. Since the year 1926 wine was filled into bottles, which was an innovation after being sold for decades in barrels only. At the same time, Philipp Ferdinand Pieroth began to send wine to his customers. This marked the birth of direct selling, which was improved in 1953 when Elmar and Kuno Pieroth had the idea of offering customers the opportunity to taste the wines in their own premises. This was the start of the company's growth to its present size and international reputation.

In 1976 an old glass tradition is rediscovered in the House of Pieroth. Many centuries ago, the glass produced in the Nahe region was often blue or blue-green in colour. It was caused by the minerals which were mined or excavated for glass production here. The House of Pieroth retrieved the idea and created a royal blue wine bottle which took the wine world by storm as “Pieroth Blue”. . .

1994: Pieroth eagle – the internationally recognized trade mark of the House of Pieroth – is introduced as a relief on the wine bottles.

2001: 25 years of "Pieroth Blue”. From the introduction of the "Pieroth Blue" in 1976 until now, Pieroth has filled and sold around 25 million blue wine bottles. If the bottles were lined up one after the other, they would cover a distance of 1,875 km or around 1,170 miles - the distance from Lisbon to Moscow.

After many years is the Burg Layer Schlosskapelle in the famous blue bottle still at the top of the league table . The grapes which give this well-rounded, fruity wines their gorgeous aroma flourish in the sunny terraced vineyards in front of our headquarters.

Pieroth Heritage: Pieroth Blue 

The Pieroth Blue range is the signature line of Pieroth’s product portfolio.  The Blue bottle reflects an interesting historical aspect in the Nahe region of Germany from where Pieroth has its origins. Pieroth began making wines at the family’s estate in the Nahe some centuries ago. 

Back then, the glass produced in the Nahe region was often blue or blue-green in colour. It was caused by the minerals, mainly cobalt, in the sand here which was then used for local bottle production. This unusual colour gave the bottles from this area a recognisable appearance in these times.

Pieroth retrieved the idea in 1976 and created a royal blue wine bottle which has become a classic by itself and a signature bottle for Pieroth in many countries.

Pieroth Blue features: 

  • Wines only from the Nahe region as reference to the historical heritage of the local glass production. 
  • The classical fruity white wine styles that represented German wines for many generations.
  • The traditional German quality pyramid with wines in all premium quality categories.