Château Latour à Pomerol

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Château Latour à Pomerol

In the celebrated commune of Pomerol, on a gravelly, sun drenched crest beside a pretty little church, lies the two main parcels of Château Latour a Pomerol.

Because the name is naturally liable to cause some confusion with the first growth in Pauillac being of the same name, it is always hyphenated with that of Pomerol.
It belonged to Madame Loubat, who was responsible for establishing the reputation of Petrus during and after the second war, and then was left to her niece in 1961.
While its owner is Madame Lily Paul Lacoste, also co-proprietor of Petrus, the estate is administered to by Jean Pierre Moueix (also co-proprietor of Pétrus) and his team. He has been running the Château since 1962, and with oenologist Jean-Claude Berrouet has succeeded in producing here a wine that can rival the greatest wines of Bordeaux.
Pierre Mouiex administers this château with the same care and attention as that of Petrus, sparing no expense or effort. An example of the lengths that they go to produce the best wine is illustrated by the fact that during the wet vintage of 1987 they used a helicopter to dry out the grapes by hovering over the vineyards and blowing the water off the vines
The vines are old averaging over 35 years and are predominantly Merlot with asmall proportion of Cabernet Franc
Second label: None.
Area under vines: 7.9 ha.
Av. prod.: 2,800 cases.
Distr. of vines.: Two parcels.
Soil: Loam with Gravel.
Added yeasts: None.
Length of maceration: 21-25 days.
Temp. of ferm.: 28°C.
Control of fermentation: Auto. temperature regulation
Type of fermentation tank: cement.
Age of casks: 25% new (Troncais).
Time in cask: 24 months.
Fining: Egg whites.
Filtration: Light filtration before bottling.
Type of bottle: Bordelaise.
Bottled at the chateau: 100%.
Grape varieties: Merlot 90%.
                           Cabernet Franc 10%.
Vines per ha.: 5,500.
Average age: 35 years.
Av. yield per ha.: 35-40 hl.
Harvesting: Manual.
STORAGE: 6-20 years.
FOOD / CONSUMPTION: They are a perfect complement to lamb, veal, poultry and delicate game.