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The Santi winery was established in 1843 by Attilio Carlo Santi, in Illasi, a small village in the Valpolicella, not far from Verona.


The old village of Illasi where the Santi winery was founded in 1843 (before the Italian Unification) was located at the eastern end of Verona Province, close to the famous Illasi Castle.


Today the old Knight, historical symbol of Santi, have found a new place, that probably was always part of its identity. In the heart of Valpolicella, where the famous Amarone is produced, not far from another important middle-age castle, located in Castelrotto county, rises another important and historical estate, called Tenuta Pule.


Excellence is Santi’s motto. Whites or reds, appellations or varietals: the integrated quality system applied by GIV allowed the winery to always achieve best quality wines.


As the head of the historic Santi business in Illasi of the highly skilled Veronese oenologist, Cristian Ridolfi arrived with matured great experience over many years of passionate activity in some of the most prestigious Valpolicella wineries.

From San Martino Buon Albergo near Verona, Cristian Ridolfi began his activity as an oenologist immediately after graduating from the Agricultural Institute at Conegliano.He collaborated right from the beginning of his career with important players in the Valpolicella wine world where he actually passed two years, from 1998 to 2000 at the Santi winery.

His career path continued with long and profitable collaboration with the historic Veronese Bertani winery where he worked up until 2015.

Ridolfi has a detailed knowledge on the Veronese wine lands: the origins of the appellations and the story of how these terroirs have been developed in order to obtain the best interpretation of the particularities of every valley by fully appreciating their autochthonous vines.

"I am very satisfied with this new path that I am about to undertake," says Christian Ridolfi. "Santi was one of the first wineries I worked in and returning there, after almost twenty years, to run it fills me with pride and motivation."

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