◆How are the delivery charges and other fees calculated?
The shipping cost is fixed at 1,080 yen across Japan.
In case of cash on delivery (COD), an additional 324 yen is charged.

*The Products in our Summer and Winter gift catalogs are shipped free of charge. The delivery fees are not imposed.

◆Can I have my order wrapped as a gift?
Yes, free or paid wrapping services are available. Please click here for details.

◆Can I change my order?
If you would like to change your order, please email us at order@pieroth.jp or contact us with the inquiry form with the following required information.

Please kindly understand that we may not be able to accept your request depending upon the situation though we assure you that we will do our best to process your request.

・Required information
1. Your Name
2. Order No.
3. Your Phone Number
4. Your Address
5. Change Request Details

◆How do I receive a receipt for my order?
A receipt is mailed to you separately from the ordered product. The receipt is dispatched to you after the delivery of product.

In case you request the payment method to be cash on delivery (COD), please return the slip issued by the courier. Once receiving your slip, we will send your receipt to you.

Please kindly understand we cannot set an addressee and proviso blank to issue our receipt.

Therefore, please be sure to instruct us on which addressee and proviso should be named. In case there are no instructions, the receipt is issued with the name of the person who placed the order for the product and the wine price presented as addressee and proviso respectively.

We control our stock under the centralized inventory management system in which all of our shops and branches share the stock. Depending upon the situation in which we receive orders other than from our online shopping, customers may be able to purchase our product online although the stock is already exhausted. This is due to the time-lag between the actual inventory situation and reflection on our website through our inventory management system.

In such a case,we sincerely apologize to you for any inconvenience, but we will inform you that the product you ordered is out of the stock.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

◆I have not received your email (confirmation order, notification, mail-magazine etc.) Why is this?
If your device is configured with a high-security setting and you use free email such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, our email may be categorized as a junk mail. Please check your spam box or delete box.

If you use mobile phone's email address and you do not receive our email, please check if your mobile phone is sent to receive emails whose domain is pieroth.jp


◆I am not able to sign in. What should I do?
Our sign in system has changed since Jan. 30, 2017.
You can login with your registered email in place of User ID and your password. The password remains unchanged. Please continue to use the same password as the one before the system was changed.

If you forgot your sing in password, please go to "My account" in the upper right of our homepage and click "Sign in" and select "Forgot your password?" to reset your password.

If you forgot your registered email address, the email address for singing in shall be changed/modified on our side. This process is followed by resetting your password, which is done on your end. The necessary procedures to sign in will be completed once you renew your password.

Please email us at order@pieroth.jp with a remark that you forgot your registered email address and password as well as the following required information to identify yourself.

・Required information
6. Your Name
7. Your Phone No.
8. Your Address
9. Email Address to receive our email

◆How can I change my account information?
Please go to "My account" in the upper right of our homepage to sign in to change your profile details.

◆How can I unsubscribe to your mail magazines/newsletters?

Please contact us at order@pieroth.jp with your registered email address.

◆I no longer use the Pieroth service. How can I have all my account information deleted?
Please contact us at order@pieroth.jp with the following required information.

・Required information
10. Your Name
11. Your Phone No.
12. Your Address
13. Your registered email address


◆Can I send my order to multiple addresses?
Please purchase all of your orders and go to proceed to checkout for payment.

In the billing option filed, there is a column in which you can leave a message. Please specify your second site or more deliver sites with the following required information.

・Required information
1. Receiver Name
2. Address
3. Request time/date delivery
4. Which product among the ordered items and how many bottles

* Shipping charges (1080 yen × the number of delivery sites) are covered by you.

◆How long will it take to receive a product after placing the order?
Depending on the product the status and your payment method, the required time for delivery varies from customer to customer.
Please click here to see your order status.
If you have your account, you can check your order status from "Orders" after signing in.

◆ My order has not been delivered in quite some time. Why is this?
If you have already received our notification email that your order was dispatched, please directly contact the courier shown on the email with the slip.

If the entered customer information is incorrect, we will contact you by phone or email to inquire and check. Therefore, please check if you have not heard from us.

If the above mentioned does not apply to your case, please contact us.


◆Credit card payment
Paying by credit card does not include a commission fee.
This means we will charge you only for the product ordered and the delivery fees.

If the transaction fails for the purchase because of the credit card information entered, we will send you an email regarding the payment.

Please follow the instructions of the email to change the payment method or send us the available credit care information.

◆In case a receiver, different than the order person, pays fees through cash on delivery(COD)

The sender name is Pieroth Japan K.K. on the slip. The addressee is [ Order person's name C/O Receiver's name]


◆How can I be provided with home wine tasting?
Please click here to inform us of your day/time of your request from our business days

Business Hours : 9:00~18:00 (Holiday: Sat. San. National Holiday)

◆I have not received a response in quite some time after contacting you. What should I do?
Please make sure if you do not apply to this case. If not, could you please contact us by phone?