Scharzhofberg Kabinett (2017)

Product Information

Country: Germany

Area: Mosel

Wine style: White

Varietal: Riesling

Style: Fruity

Grade: Kabinett

Producer: Weingut von Hövel

Serving Temperature(℃): 10

Size: 750ml


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Tasting Note
Color bright
Smell Banana, citrus fruit
Taste balanced acid, balanced sweet, juicy
Suger 26.10
Acid 8.50
Alc 8.0%
Location:Mosel is nestled across 3 rivers, namely the Mosel and the Saar and the Ruwer into which the Mosel is branced out.
The appelation represents the well-known wine-making area along with Rheingau, whose unique geographical landscape that over 40% of the overall area slopes up at no less than 30 degrees.
In the arena that white wine is highly produced Riesling earmarks for more than 50%. Wine made from the variety has a range of types from fruity and generous aroma and flavor to earthy, spicy one.

Grade:Kabinett stands for the wine made from full-blown grapes harvested at the normal picking time. This grade wine is fruity, fresh, elegant and delicate.