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The noblest white wine grape in the world, it has laid the foundation of Germany’s world wine reputation. In its heyday it was ranked alongside the classified growths of the Médoc.Today it is experiencing a revival dubbed the Riesling Renaissance buoyed by the ABC group (anything but chardonnay) who appreciate its fresh distinctive character.  
Synonyms; Hocheimer, Johannisberger, Johannisberger Riesling, Moselriesling, Mosel riesling, Petit rhin, Petit Riesling, Rajinski rizling, Rajnai rizling, Reno, Rezlink, Rezlink rynsky, Rheingauer, Rheingau Riesling, Rheinriesling, Rhein Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Rieslinger, Riesling du rhin, Riesling renano, Rislig rejnski, Rizling rajinski bijeli, Rynski rizling, Rössling, Wesser Riesling, White Riesling.


Riesling is remarkable for a variety of reason. It reflects the distinctive character of the grape on the nose and does not need oak aging or other vinification technique to enhance it. The variety lends itself to many different styles from dry and minerally to sweet and intense without loosing its identity. While its transparency lets it effectively reflect the terroir a feature easily noted when grown on slaty schist or clay soils. And finally the wines are capable of aging and frequently develop a vivid zesty bouquet frequently referred to as “petrolly”. It excels in cold climate area where it retains its acidity to produce excellent sweet wines. 

Food Recommendations

It is remarkably food friendly wine with halb troken version going remarkably well with a broad range of Japanese dishes prepared with sugar or mirin. The citrus character and acidity in this variety makes cuisines with citrus and acidity influence very compatible, for example pork shabu shabu with ponzu.