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Nebbiolo is considered one of the great wine varieties, bigger, darker and more tannic, even bitter, than most types, but consequently long-lived.


The name nebbiolo, comes from from "nebbia", Italian for "fog because ripe nebbiolo grapes have a very prominent "bloom" that gives them a "foggy" look. Nebbiolo is very sensitive to both soil and geography and can yield wines that vary widely in body, tannin and acidity, as well as aroma and flavor complexity, when grown in only slightly different locales. Nebbiolo aroma may be extremely complex with notes of violet, plum, licorice, and bouquet of smoke, tar and truffle (Barolo).

Food Recommendations

This is a grape varietal that welcomes the challenge of being paired with strong, flavorful meats and cheeses and will compete well with spicy Italian meats and well-aged Parmesan cheese.