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"The origin of Torrontés Riojano is unknown as of today,  as there is no European variety similar enough to it, to be  able to identify it as an ancestor. We could say that is not an original variety from Argentina but  is now the typical and emblematic varietal of our country.
Because of its aromas it could be related to Muscat grapes, but this fact is not enough to establish the origin of the variety.
In Argentina the area planted with Torrontés is approx. 8180 ha.


The wine made from Torrontes has a distinctive aromatic quality. It is easy to recognize Torrontés inside the vineyard. It can be identified by a singular canopy with big leaves contorted and wide. Bunches are also big, with golden yellow spherical grapes which are very perfumed.
The wine also has specific characteristics. Its most common colour is pale yellow with light greenish hints. The major character of this wine is exhibited on the nose. Showing a big great aromatic power, Torrontés is a floral, herbal wine with rose touches and tea notes. Some of them are distinguished by the "ruda" or nutmeg touch. Citric or honey notes can be present, like a complement of Muscat grapes typical aroma, that still remains in the bottle.

Food Recommendations

It can be defined like a rustic wine in the mouth. It has an important character and leaves a bitter aftertaste, without losing its fresh and soft nature. It's not a persistent or full bodied wine but it is original and with a strong character that invites you to love it or to hate it, but you couldn't stay indifferent.
Because of these virtues and many others, we invite to discover. The Torrontés of Argentina has been awarded many times and it is considered one of the emblematic varieties of our local viticulture. 
Its distinctive and pronounced character makes it the ideal partner for ethnic or spicy food.
It especially goes well with Thai cuisine."
Roland Luppino
Pascual Toso winemaker.

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