Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc

Now a New Zealand classic, the forward fruit driven style produced here has captured the attention of the world.
In France the main plantings are in the Loire valley (Touraine, Sancerre, Pouilly) where it’s used on its own producing aromatic dry wines. However it is also planted near Bordeaux where it is used as a minor but important partner of Semillon. More recently it has being planted successfully in the cooler regions of countries such as Argentina and Chile.


The clusters are small to medium, conical, often winged, well filled out to compact. The berries are oval and greenish yellow in color with thick skins. The budbreak occurs mid-season and it often suffers from coulure (failure of flowers to set) in cooler regions.
Aromas attributed to this variety are gooseberry, grassy, weedy smokey, herbaceous, tin peas, civet, floral, citrus, stone fruit, or vegetative: - asparagus, green pepper, green beans. 

Food Recommendations

This is a versatile variety and covers broad range of cuisine. Ones from Loire are matched with goat cheese, seafood, salad etc. In New Zealand people match with oysters, green rip mussels, grilled salmon.
Synonyms: Sauvignon jaune, Blanc fume, Surin, Fie dans le Neuvillois, Punechon, Puiechou, Gentin a romorantin, Muskat-silvaner, Savagnin musque, Fume blanc, Blanc doux (Libourne District).