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The world famous Sauternes of France derive their character from the Semillon grape(though they are normally mixed with a third of Sauvignon). This grape also provides the complexity and ageing potential in the dry wines of Graves. And is famous as a varietal in Australia from regions as Hunters Valley.


The clusters are medium sized, short conical and well filled out. This variety is also very susceptible to Botrytis or noble rot under certain conditions of warmth and humidity. It is a high yielding variety with budbreak normally mid season. The berries are of medium size, spherical and normally of a golden yellow color and have thick skins.
The characteristic aromas are described as being lanolin, melon or fig. Specific attributes are difficult with Botrytis to which this variety is very susceptible. When Boytris affects this variety it also adds to the aromas. Therefore its hard to distinguish specifically which aromas are from the grape and which are caused by the

Food Recommendations

When produced in country such as Australia it can be typically fermented dry and oak aged. As a dry wine it can have an excellent full freshness like apple skins and cream and becomes richer and more honeyed with age.
Synonyms: Blanc doux, Chevier, Chevrier, Colombier, Crucillant, Hunter riesling (in Australia) Hunter River riesling (in Australia) Riesling (in Australia), Saint-Emilion (in Romania), Semijon, Semillon muscat, Semillon roux.