Wachenheimer Schenkenboehl EW (2016)

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Country: Germany

Area: Pfalz

Wine style: White

Varietal: Gewurztraminer

Style: Sweet

Grade: Eiswein

Producer: Ferdinand Pieroth

Size: 375ml


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Ice wine is made from ultra-ripe and healthy grapes harvested, crushed and vinified in a frozen state with the season's first deep-frost with temperatures at -8℃. Harvest takes place after midnight in the coldest hours of the pre-daqn morning. It is extremely arduous worlk. 

Eiswein is not an annual treat. Some winters are too warm, or grapes are not throughly uniformly frozen or free of Botrytis, the noble rot or poirture, that differentiates Eisweinfrom the intesely flavored Berry or Dried Raisin Berry nectar-like wines. The juice within the grape is concentrated as ice crystals further intensifying the flavor of these last-hanging grapes of the vintage.... 

Tasting note: 
Aromas of apricot, grapefruit and honey, extremely intense yet light and fresh, good acidity to balance the sweetness, very clear, light gold in color. 

This luxury desser wine can accompany custards, fruit based desserts, but is often just perfect by itself. 

生産地の詳細情報: ドイツ >> ファルツ 
生産者の詳細情報: フェルディナンド ピーロート