World Wine Bar Bourgogne Wine Week

We have 6 types of Bourgogne Wines at each World Wine Bar. 
We will offer a small amount of free wine tasting for the wines. 
【Date】Mon. 3 June ~  Sun. 9 June 2019
【Place】WWB shops   
Haneda Airport Shop                    11:00-20:00 
Ebisu Mitsukoshi  Shop                 11:00-20:00 
WATERRAS Ochanomizu Shop       14:00-20:00 
Kagurazaka Shop                         14:00-20:00 
Shin Chitose Airport Shop             11:00-20:00 
Chiba Shop                                  14:00-20:00 
Yokohama Motomachi Shop           14:00-20:00 
Nagoyasakae Shop                       14:00-20:00 
Granfront Osaka Shop                   14:00-20:00 
Kansai International Airport Shop   11:00-20:00 
Fukuoka Tenjin Shop                     14:00-20:00 
Cooperation:Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne (BIVB)

*NB  The sales quantity are limited, there might be the case of sold out. Please kindly check with the each shop. 
*If you are under 20 years old and/or you will drive after the event, we are not allowed to offer wines.