World Wine Festival Midtown Hibiya

WorldWineFestival Midtown Hibiya

Popular wine event is coming to Tokyo Hibiya-Midtown! 
120 different wines from Europe such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, U.S.A, Chile,  Argentina. 
You can taste different types of wine. This might be a chance to meet a wine you can remember in your life. 
Please come over after the work as we are open until 21:00. 
We are looking forward to you visit. Please come along with your friends or family. 

【Place】     Fri. 3 May 〜 Sun. 12 May 
【Place】   1- 1- 2 Yurakucho  Chiyoda-ku, Tokyp 
                      Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 
【Access】    HIBIYA Station -Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, Toei Mita Line 
                       4 min walk from the Yurakucho Station -  Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line 
                       5 min walk from the Ginza Station - Toyo Metro Marunouchi line, Ginza line 
            5 min walk from Yurakucho Station - JR Yamanote ,  Keihin Tohoku line     

【Entrance Fee】    Free
【Content of Event】
Free wine tasting out of specially selected over 120 different wine from the world, sparkling wine, brandy. 
※ Can enjoy tasting with a tasting cup (a little amount per tasting)  
Pieroth Japan Company 03-3458- 4739 03-3458-4581
*If you are under 20 years old and/or you will drive after the event, we are not allowed to offer wines.