Online Shop Business Hours during Holidays in Golden Week 2019

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Dear Customers,

During 26 April - 6 May, order and delivery schedule will be as below. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Delivery date during the Golden Weeks: 27, 30 April / 1, 2 May 

The order for delivering on these days must be received by 24 April.  

The order received from 25 April will be processed in number order from 8 May. 

Kindly note that although the order is received by 24 April, if the order information is not fully completed,we are not able to deliver during the said Golden Week.

We would recommend you to make an order in advance. 

Business Start Date: 7 May (Tuesday) 

Delivery Start Date : 8 May ( Wednesday)  start ordinary delivery 

Our office is closed from 27 April (Saturday) - 6 May (Monday) .  We will  start on 7 May (Tuesday). 


Inquiries are accepted at any time,  however the response will be made from 7 May (Tuesday) in number order. 

Event Reservation  

The Golden Week Event Reservation on Web will be stopped during 26 April - 7 May. Please contact  the each event contact point directly for the events during the Golden Week. 


≪Sold Out≫Chateau Mouton Rothschild 5 Vintages & Versailles Celebration Case + Invitation NOW ON SALE!

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Sold Out!

First come First Served!
9254889 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 
Chateau Mouton Rothschild 5 Vintages & Versailles Celebration Case + Invitation

Products contained: 1 each  x 5  (btls)
• Château Mouton Rothschild 2005
• Château Mouton Rothschild 2007
• Château Mouton Rothschild 2009
• Château Mouton Rothschild 2010
• Château Mouton Rothschild 2013

●Please send a fax to MOS
●Delivery will be in May  

We will contact the chateau to inform the two persons name (including the purchaser’s name), the invitation will be sent to the purchaser.
Air Ticket. Accommodation cost, any other related cost are not included.

This Celebration Case are numbered. The number of the case already sold is “6”.

The current selling case’s number is “8”. Number 8 is said to be good fortune in Japan.  

Please consider this set which available now only!!  


For any inquiry regarding this product, please contacthere


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Every year the Nobel Prizes are presented in Stockholm during a huge official ceremony in honor of the Laureates and in the presence of the Swedish Royal family.

This prestigious rendez-vous brings together leading figures from the worlds of science, research and literature.

The dinner requires months of preparation. A committee reviews the food and wines to decide on the pairings. This year, the Nobel Academy has chosen Cigalus red from a shortlist of 300 wines to accompany the menu for the banquet to be held on Monday, December 10, 2018, in Stockholm in Sweden.

You can see Cigalus information from Here

One of top port wine maker,『GRAHAM’S』 1882 Ne Oublie Special Offer

by Pieroth Japan

One of top port wine maker,『GRAHAM’S

Graham’s were settled by William & John Graham in 1820. Andrew James Symington joined the company in 1882 and developed its business. The Symington family succeeded to Graham’s business officielly in 1970 and their descendents, James Symington run its business with his family.

Prestigeous rare port wine named,『Ne Oublie  « do not forget » 』

Symington family kept three barrels of special 1882 vintage port and they opened one of those in 2014. They made 656 bottles only. 1882 was special vintage for them and as homage to Graham family, they named those wines their motto « Ne oublie ».

Beautiful and unique presentation

Wines are in special package this time. Ne Oublie has been bottled in an individually numbered, hand-made crystal decanter designed by Portugal’s leading glass manufacturer Atlantis. Three sterling silver bands, moulded engraved by Scottish silversmiths Hayward & Stott adorn the glass. The decanter is presented in a bespoke presentation box handcrafted with the finest leathers by the quintessentially British brand, Smythson of Bond Street.

Outstanding and brilliant quality after 130 years.

James Suckling 100 points: “Loads of dried fruit with apricot and Brazilian limes. Full body and very sweet. Bright acidity. The density and purity of this port is astonishing. Honey, caramel and dried fruits. Gets fresher and fresher on the palate. Goes on for minutes. Leaves me speechless.” July 2014

Financial Times – John Stimpfig: “This virtually immortal 1882 has such enormous color, depth, viscous concentration and intensity of flavor that it really has to be tasted to be believed.”

Rare old vinrage port is watched by all over the world with interest.

1.5L Lalique bottle 1863 vintage port wine were sold at highest price ever at the auction held in Hong Kong on 3rd of November and which was authorized as the world record by the Guinness Book. There were big demand and the bottle were sold for HK$ 992,000 (£98,000), which was triple of expected price. There are quite few old vintage port. There are only Taylor’s 1855 and 1865, and Graham’s 1982. Many auction fans are interested in rare port wines now.



Item NO Description Price
9249947 Port Graham's Ne Oublie,Old Tawny 1882 1,089,720

Graham’s Port NO OUBLIE Towny Port  1882

-750ml × 1 bottle ( In leather case

-Red sweet (Fortified wine) / Made in Portugal

  -Service tempereture : 16-18 degree

Wines can be kept for six to nine months since we keep them with crystal cap.


<Sales Condition>

・Order by December 28 , 2018
・Delivery would be in Feb - Mar 2019
・Limited offer 60 Bottles ; First come, first served
・No cancellation
・An old vintage wine may have a smudge on its label, a scratch on the bottle, a cap sticker peeling off, a lower quantity than usual or a change in the color or flavor. 


by Pieroth Japan


ワイン批評家で、ワイン・アドヴォケイトのロバート・パーカーからヴェリテの3銘柄、ル・デジール、 ラ・ミュゼ、ラ・ジョワで七つの満点評価という歴史的快挙を成し遂げました。ソノマ・カウンティのワイナリーのなかで、このように複数のワインが満点を得たのは、ヴェリテが初めてです。




by Pieroth Japan
ボージョレ・ヌーヴォー 銀賞!
ボージョレ・ヴィラージュ・ヌーヴォー 銀賞!

Almaviva 2016 release

by Pieroth Japan

Almaviva 2016
The 2016 growing season began with a very dry winter, consisting only of 193 mm of rainfall from May to September 2015. June was completely dry, followed by significant rain, 119 mm in August alone. The following spring presented colder and rainier conditions than usual, especially from mid-September to mid-November, which generated less bunches and some “coulure” on the Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère vines.
Summer was particularly hot and dry, specifically in December and February. Temperatures sharply decreased in March, while April encountered unusually heavy rain on April 16-17 and 23-24, summing 109 mm in the Puente Alto vineyards.
Although the growing cycle was rather delayed with most of the phenological stages occurring later than usual, these atypical climatic conditions obliged us to anticipate and accelerate the harvest, which initially started slowly on March 29th, first with the Merlot, and finally ended in a faster pace on May 6th, which was two weeks earlier than usual.
The speed and precision of our harvesting teams to pick healthy Cabernets and Carmenère grapes after the rains, along with the optical selection and strict, careful monitoring of the vinifications in the winery allowed us to produce very promising, elegant and accessible wines, rich in fruit, freshness and character, in line with our great terroir of Puente Alto.

Tasting Notes
Deep, intense and brilliant ruby red color. The nose reveals delicate aromas of red fruits and berries, such as raspberry and blackberry, which are harmoniously integrated with notes of toffee and coffee, offering a refined and distinguished nose. The elegance of the wine is underscored by its round and fresh mouthfeel. Subtle, but present tannins frame the blend, leading to a vanilla and peppery finish. 
Complex and luxurious, Almaviva 2016 is a remarkably graceful and silky wine, faithful to its predecessors in style andprecision.

66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Carmenère, 8% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot

Barrel Aging
16 Months, New French Oak.


Masseto 2015 release

by Pieroth Japan


Dear Valued Partner,

The much awaited Masseto 2015 vintage is now ready to make its international debut!
The overall growing conditions of this vintage were excellent, leading us to believe that Masseto 2015 will be a most coveted wine and one that will continue to give pleasure in many years to come.
The vineyard benefitted from the magical elements which come into play each year. The climate, the presence of the blue clay in the soils, the interaction of the marine influence and the constant, tender care of our workers.
The development of the vines until the summer was very regular but a very hot, dry July risked a temporary shut-down in their ripening. But luck would have it that cooler temperatures & some rain came in mid-August, enabling the grapes to conclude ripening at their own pace and under the best conditions.
Axel Heinz (Winemaker & Estate Director) recollects just how the marine influence was fundamental in all this - producing cooler sea breezes and a magnified intensity of light, especially towards the end of the day, - which accompanied the grapes to a perfect ripening and ensured ideal temperatures during harvest.
We pay tribute to the sea’s unique influence on Masseto in this presentation.
In stylistic terms, the wine shows great class and that ever magical balance between power and elegance. An impressive Masseto born from a great vintage – sumptuous and silky. Decisively Mediterranean in character.
We hope you enjoy this vintage as much as we have enjoyed being part of its creation and we thank you for your continued support which is precious to us.

With kind regards,
Alexandra Belson


Compared to a rather particular 2014, the 2015 proved to be an almost ‘text book’ vintage. After a rainy and mild winter, with just a few days of temperatures below zero, budbreak arrived on time during the first days of April. Spring was characterized by dry and sunny weather, providing ideal conditions for regular vegetative growth that culminated in a quick and complete flowering at the end of May. From June on, water stress gradually became evident. July will be remembered as a particularly torrid, dry month, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30°C every single day of the month. The heat, combined with the absence of rains, made us fear a shut-down in the ripening and the need for an early harvest. Luckily rain fell abundantly around 10 August that not only unblocked the ripening but also brought much cooler temperatures during the final ripening phase. This cool, yet sunny, weather continued throughout the harvest, allowing us to pick the grapes with great ease, choosing just the right moment to harvest the different vineyard blocks, resulting in a fresh and lively aromatic quality with a perfect degree of phenolic ripeness along with abundant, yet silky and soft, tannins. The harvest began on 29 August with the youngest vines and finished on the 16 September with the last portions of “Masseto Centrale”.

The bunches, hand harvested in 15kg crates, were carefully sorted by hand on a double sorting table before and after destemming and then subjected to a gentle crushing. Six different lots were vinified separately. Fermentation took place in both steel and wood tanks, followed by 15-20 days maceration at a temperature between 25 and 30° C. Afterwards, malolactic fermentation took place in 100% new oak barrique, and the different lots were kept separate for the first 12 months of maturation. The wine was then blended and reintroduced into the barrels for another year, making a total of 24 months. After bottling, the wine was aged for an additional 12 months prior to release.

The particularly regular vintage, along with an ideal temperature during the harvest, is reflected in a classic Masseto, with a perfect balance between a mature, yet complex, aromatic expression of great freshness and a rare quality of ample, silky and smooth tannins. The dark and intense colour is followed by a rich aroma with hints of fully ripe red fruit and spicy, balsamic and cocoa notes. In the mouth it becomes sensual and rich, with great density and an ample and perfectly smooth tannin. The fruity notes are underlined by the subtle presence of oak - terminating in a fresh and vivid finish with pronounced hints of cocoa.


Opus One 2015 release

by Pieroth Japan

WWB Chiba Grand Open!

by Pieroth Japan
Dear colleagues, 
Dear friends,
Dear wine lovers, 
After the opening of our first World Wine Bar by Pieroth in October 2010, today is another fantastic day for the whole team of Pieroth Asia with the pre-opening (Press and VIP) of our 11th World Wine Bar by Pieroth. Please come and visit us from Thursday June 28 (official opening day) to enjoy a free wine tasting.
A great thank you to the team, thanks to your efforts and commitments we will be ready for the opening on June 28.
Kanpai ! Cheers ! Santé!
For more details, please click here.